Xiaomi Mi Pad 3

It’s been a while since Xiaomi launched it’s Mi Pad 2 in 2015 – which in Xiaomi time is a lot. While rumors of a 9.7″ iPad like competitor goes out the window here with the new Mi Pad 3 being almost identical to it’s predecessor at 7.9 inches. We’re talking the same unibody design, measuring 200.4 x 132.6 x 7 mm.  The 1536 x 2048 QXGA LCD display (non omeled) remains the same too. It was a quiet launch on Xiaomi’s part with the tablet now live on Xiaomi’s website.


Sennheiser MKE 600

The Sennheiser MKE 600 is a shotgun microphone made specifically for video journalists. In my eyes this means it needs to be able to deliver A LOT. Knowing Sennheiser though, this is very likely. Lets start with the standard video journalist needs:

Removing background noise:

Video journalists in general will be in a massive plethora of situations as part of their day to day lives. Not all of these situations happen in complete silence, in fact, the majority have a heck of a lot of noise accompanying them. A good video journalist’s microphone needs to handle outside noise (such as crowds, wind and more) while still delivering clear quality.

Being a shotgun mic, the 600 naturally removes a massive amount of noise, picking up mostly just what it’s pointed at, even at a distance. Sennheiser has also added a low cut filter which also removes a lot of noise.

I was surprised by the quality of sound the mic produced, even with a massive amount of background noise.


The MKE 600 weighs in at just 128g, which is incredibly light. It’s about a foot long and thin (unless you add the wind filter.) Making it easy to carry around with you as part of your camera equipment.

The build quality is quite high, meaning it could probably survive a good drop or two.

One nice little feature that Sennheiser added is that this microphone can run on both phantom power OR a battery. The option of using a battery really is helpful for those who may own a camera that doesn’t deliver phantom power or those who need it in a sudden situation that does not have the right power plug ins.

MKE 600 shotgun mic

Sound Quality:

For a lower cost mic meant to be thrown around in a camera bag, this thing has amazing sound quality. Before hitting record I thought the low pass filter might be a bit much, but I realized quickly that what it misses out on in lows it really makes up for in the mid and upper range.

Price Point:

What’s surprising about this mic is the price point. It offers killer features and an amazing sound quality for only $400. This may sound high to some, but in the professional world this is rather inexpensive, especially for a Sennheiser product.

Final Verdict?

I put this microphone through a lot of testing for this review. Recording outdoors, indoors, with stuff in the way and more. This microphone passed each and every test I threw at it with flying colours. The fact that the price point is low is just icing on a very delicious cake.

Written by my good friend Kole McRae, an amazing author and music enthusiast. If you enjoyed his writing I highly recommend checking out his book Please Laugh at my Funeral.



Sennheiser vmx 200 review

Sennheiser’s VMX 200 is one slick little bluetooth headset. Upon opening the box for this, it is clear that Sennheiser put a lot of effort into the design of this bluetooth headset.

The design is one of silver and black with a single button to turn on and off. Coming in at at $150 MSRP ($179 on right now, and $149 at for  the Canadians). So let’s get down to business with a full review of this bluetooth headset.


Sennheiser vmx 200 packaging

No doubt the design of Sennheiser’s VMX 200 is slick and compact. With a single button to operate, volume controls on the side and a mini usb slot at the back for charging. The VMX 200 comes with 4 different ear pieces for different sizes of ears (1 is designed for a different fit). I found the controls to be nice and tactile and easy to press.

I like the slick steel casing with the brushed finish. This is paired with black plastic and of course, a black earpiece. The design is very contemporary, good looking and most importantly, very comfortable.

Weight wise (10g), this bluetooth headset is extremely light. I noticed after only 5 minutes of talking I had forgotten I was wearing the ear piece.

The ear pieces have a small loop on the outer edge to make sure the piece fits snug in your ear. I walked around with this on and the ear piece didn’t fall off at all. There is a looped ear piece goes that goes around and over the top of your ear if you are concerned with it falling off during use which is very handy.

There is a blue led that flashes intermittently so you know the device is on.

Sound Quality

I was excited to test the sound on this headset. With two built-in microphones that are supposedly able to determine the direction in which sound comes, the software then cancels out unrelated noise and sends only voice back over the phone.

I tested this on three phones. One was an older HTC Imagio running Windows Mobile 6.5. The other a Samsung Galaxy S2.

The HTC Imagio worked well. The sound coming in was crystal clear for calls and the recipient could hear me clearly both indoors and outdoors. There was slight distortion when I walked out of range and into another room (10 meters away) but that’s not an issue day to day, I just wanted to test.

On my S2 running ICS 4.0.3, the device paired quickly and worked great. I did a few test calls indoors and outdoors. Call quality was clear with no distortion (the phone being in my pocket). The button is responsive for picking up and ending calls.

I have read that other people had problems with distortion, but the device worked perfectly for me. I did notice some fading out when there are two walls in the way, but being in the next room was still clear.

Talk time

The VMX 200 churned on and on. I didn’t count down to the minute, but the device lasted around 6 hours of talking, which is similar to the recommended time. This was separated across 3 days.

I also noticed the device lasted a long time when just on standby. Sennheiser quotes 10 days, which is about on par with what I was getting.


All in all I will be sticking with this headset as my go to. The big downside is it’s price. Is it worth paying a bit extra for the premium look? Well it depends. You can certainly get bluetooth headsets that are cheaper for sure.

If you are looking for something that is really compact and has the style and sound quality to back it up, then I say go ahead and pull the trigger as Sennheiser has done a very slick job with this bluetooth headset.


There are mad rumours around the net that Asus has been in talks with Google themselves to lay down an Asus 7 inch tablet. Rumours are that the tablet may come out in May for as low as $200-$250.

This makes this potential tablet a Kindle killer or a hot competitor with the offerings from Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Blackberry (who’s 7 inch Blackberry Playbook has come down to $199).

Quality tablets for cheap are hard to come buy, as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. The HP Touchpad sold for as low as $100 during it’s fire sale last year, and the Blackberry playbook which ha sjust released it’s OS 2.0 has gone as low as $100 for RIM employees.

Nexus devices seem to hit the market with a lot of success and support. The guys over at XDA have already developed some solid roms for phones such as the Nexus S.

There is no doubt that a tablet from Asus will probably run the newest Android OS right now which is Ice Cream Sandwich. From the looks of the Memo, it may not have a foward facing camera, but will spot a quad core Tegra 3 processor (simiular to the current Transformer Prime) but at a smaller screen size and at a much more affordable price.

This is the magic price range that I think a lot of consumers will more likely go for if they aren’t going to splash out $500 for a new iPad.

Only time will tell if we get a sub $250 Asus Nexus tablet this May. If so, I will definitely be picking one up!


March 7th could be the big day where the Ipad 3 will come out.

From a higher resolution screen to different sizes, there are a ton of rumors that are floating around everywhere.

Looks like we will have to sit and wait as per Apple’s usual style, they will announce when they are ready..

There has been great strides made in technological development in information and communication technology that has seen better and enhanced consumer electronic products such as Xbox and PSP hit the market and become instant success.

When modern technologically enhanced games, e.g. PSP are compared with traditional PC games, e.g. solitaire it is evident that there is a big difference in terms of sound, graphics and motion.

Experience and entertainment are what can be used to describe what one gets when playing PSP or Xbox. However, to get the most of what these games have to offer, you will need the best gaming headphones there is on the market. There are different designs, models and sizes with varying features that are available in the market depending on ones taste and budget.

Nonetheless, it is never easy to make an informed decision on what to buy given the different factors that one needs to consider prior to making the purchase.

Tips and guidelines

When looking for the best gaming headphones, the following pointers would be a step in the right direction:

-Sound: The sound generated by the headphone hinges on the frequency. If you desire high base and treble sound quality, check that the headphone has a high frequency.

-Noise cancellation: A good headphone should ensure for privacy by ensuring that external noise interference is eliminated and any sound generated contained in the headphone.

-Cable length: Unless you are opting for wireless headphones, ensure that the headphone has longer cable length so as to give you room for movement. These can come with different fittings, such as usb for usb headphones or 2.5 and 3.5 inch fittings for regular headphones.

Shopping online is a totally different ball game and calls for one to exercise more caution to ensure that there investment is protected. Ensure that the online store meets the following requirements:

-Secure platform to reveal your financial information.

– Goodwill to ensure that it can be trusted.

Wireless surround sound headphones are increasingly being preferred by most game and music lovers due to the benefits they come with. If you love listening or playing games using your 3D home theatre system, you will definitely enjoy what this modern creation has to offer. It is the best gaming headphones in the marketplace today. There are different designs and models available for sale from the market. Each of these has a unique feature which stands out from the rest. It is important to take your time when making your selection to read the manufacturers’ specifications.

If you want to save a couple of dollars when in the market for gaming headphones, consider making your purchase from the web. Given the hundreds of online stores and individual sellers competing for the same market, prices have gone down by a considerable margin. In as much this has made affordability much easier, it does present a real challenge of identifying genuine online stores from phishing websites.

The article seeks to offer a helping hand on how to go about the process with ease without falling victim to scam.

Reputation: You need to check that the online store you are making your purchase from is reputable. This can be done by reading through the various feedbacks and comments left by other users.

Money back guarantee: The downside of making your purchase from an online store is that you are not provided with the laxity of physically examining what you are purchasing. All you are provided with are graphics and manufacturers’ specifications. Therefore, you need to make it a point of checking for this aspect each time you are buying online. This will protect you in case wrong merchandise is delivered or there is a flaw with what you have bought.

In addition to the above, you are encouraged to always read the FAQs for what other buyers often look for in a headphone.


When searching for the best earphones to use with your latest computer games, e.g. Xbox or Play Station or to simply listen to music with, look no further. Thanks to technological development in information and communication technology, manufacturers have been able to create some of the latest cutting edge products, e.g. wireless gaming headphones ps3 with 3D surround sound.

The sound generated by the earphones can be compared to ones generated from modern home theater systems or contemporary movie halls. Traveling and working out in the gym will never be the same with this kind of sound. Wireless surround sound are available in the market in different designs and models depending on the brand and manufacturer.

Making an informed decision on what to purchase can be challenging and tough especially to those who are new to this kind of technology. Complicating the matter further, are the hundreds of products flooding the market.

Drawing a line between genuine and clones can be hard. Given the hardships faced by consumers the article seeks to provide useful information on how to go about the process with ease.

Tips and Guidelines

Foremost, you need to known what are the different designs and models on sale from various manufacturers. This will give you a rough estimate of the prices and differences in specifications.

Traditionally one had to walk from shop to shop. But, with internet technology era you can do this from the comfort of your house or office. At the click of your mouse button, you can browse through hundreds of designs and models from suppliers’ worldwide and individual sellers. Examples of auctioning sites which you can use and are trusted by millions of buyers and sellers for years now are eBay and Amazon.

Most buyers often make the cardinal mistake of just picking an earphone from the shelf without doing much research on it.


One of the best things about having the best earphones for running is it takes away the drag that exercise can sometimes be. Instead of ‘jog to the nearest thing’, it’s ‘jog to the end of this song’, which is often far, far longer and the point at the end much farther away than the nearest object you can see with your eyes.

The music distracts from the running, so your brain is paying attention t something other than how badly your feet hurt. The best DJ headphones take away all the ambient sound in a room, letting you work your DJ magic in peace without hurting your ears. There is one thing to consider, however. Are you playing too loudly?

In an island culture in some part of the world, they have two words for throwing up. Unlike our words, which are all euphemisms for each other, their two words separate and convey slightly different meanings. To them, ‘vomit’ is when you throw up because you’re hurt or sick, or have been poisoned.

The word ‘plebbit’ refers to throwing up because you are too land bound to be able to tolerate the rocking of the waves and you’ve become motion sick. After the introduction of alcohol to the island, it also began to mean throwing up from drinking too much. Vomit is something that isn’t your fault, plebbit is from something that is.

In many ways, we need to have something like that for our hard of hearing versus our deaf. There is the Deaf Culture, for people who are born not able to hear, or who lose it at a very early age and are culturally deaf.

Then there is hard-of-hearing. With the thousands of kids listening to their ipods too loudly all the time, we’re going to end up with a wave of people who are hard of hearing in their forties.

Contrary to what was originally thought, people don’t go deaf simply because their ears get old. They go deaf because their ears wear out from too much noise, and the current generation is putting far, far too much noise into their ears.

Street by 50 headphones

It was inevitable, especially with Beats By D. Dre making such a splash, that 50 Cent would soon jump onto the headphone bandwagon.

At the International Consumer Electronics Show recently in Las Vegas, he released his contribution in the form of the SMS Audio headphones. This range features different designs in order to appeal to a wider demographic, all the while adding his special spin into the range.

Street by 50 is the name given to the wired headphones that cost $299.95. For an extra $100, you can buy a version that is wireless, called Sync by 50. This wireless design is useful in many different situations, providing the music while you are exercising or playing Foxy Bingo at home. This is because they eliminate the need to have the headphones connected to the music playing device, so you can have the freedom to move around without worrying about tangling up the wires.

The 36-year-old rapper has said that he was inspired to create this range by Dr. Dre’s successful headphones, and that he felt it was a natural progression from making music. He also said that he wanted to create something that gave listeners the best sound quality possible, so that they can appreciate his music and hear it the way that he does.

The wireless connectivity is something that he was especially concerned with. He wanted to make sure that none of the sound quality was lost in the transferring process so that having wireless headphones is worth paying that little bit extra.

His range of headphones also has noise-cancellation technology, as well as volume control and bass boost that can be controlled via the headset Another advantage is that it is possible to sync four pairs of headphones to the same source of music, so that you can share the fun with your friends.