50 Cent’s New Line of Headphones

50 Cent’s New Line of Headphones

Street by 50 headphones

It was inevitable, especially with Beats By D. Dre making such a splash, that 50 Cent would soon jump onto the headphone bandwagon.

At the International Consumer Electronics Show recently in Las Vegas, he released his contribution in the form of the SMS Audio headphones. This range features different designs in order to appeal to a wider demographic, all the while adding his special spin into the range.

Street by 50 is the name given to the wired headphones that cost $299.95. For an extra $100, you can buy a version that is wireless, called Sync by 50. This wireless design is useful in many different situations, providing the music while you are exercising or playing Foxy Bingo at home. This is because they eliminate the need to have the headphones connected to the music playing device, so you can have the freedom to move around without worrying about tangling up the wires.

The 36-year-old rapper has said that he was inspired to create this range by Dr. Dre’s successful headphones, and that he felt it was a natural progression from making music. He also said that he wanted to create something that gave listeners the best sound quality possible, so that they can appreciate his music and hear it the way that he does.

The wireless connectivity is something that he was especially concerned with. He wanted to make sure that none of the sound quality was lost in the transferring process so that having wireless headphones is worth paying that little bit extra.

His range of headphones also has noise-cancellation technology, as well as volume control and bass boost that can be controlled via the headset Another advantage is that it is possible to sync four pairs of headphones to the same source of music, so that you can share the fun with your friends.



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