Best DJ Headphones

Best DJ Headphones


Whether you’re a serious DJ or just love jamming in your own home, you’ll want to buy the best DJ headphones for your musical needs. When looking for quality, you’ll really need to look no further than a reputably good brand. If you’re looking for DJ headphones which are also the best earphones for running, for example, you may want to rethink just getting an expensive pair of Sennheiser headphones that won’t stay on your head while running.

It’s probably a good plan to invest in a single pair of headphones, rather than having to buy several pairs to cater for your different needs. You will want to list a few specs that you may want in your DJ headphones, and figure out whether or not you want the best running earphones, or just the best DJ headphones.

If you want both, including earphones for running, think about what specs and features you would like them to have. Some examples of things you might want to have included: lightweight; longer cord length; the right jack size and type; folding; a single cord; rotating ear-cups; and a higher frequency range. Obviously, the more features you want, the more you are going to have to pay, so choose your features wisely.

The main other feature you’d want to look at especially is sound quality. When it comes to the sound quality, you’ll mainly just want to look at good brands such as Sony, Creative and Sennheiser. With Sony, you have to look at the high-end headphones; otherwise they won’t be appropriate to be the best DJ headphone set.

What kind? Best DJ Headphones Review

The best DJ headphones aren’t necessarily the best running earphones, so watch out for that. The more you sway one way, the further you stray away from the other. So, the higher quality DJ headphones you buy, the less likely they will be appropriate for running, and vice-versa.

Besides the features mentioned, you’ll also want to look at some extra sound-enhancing technologies available to choose the best DJ headphones.

Features to look for

Features will include noise-cancelling; bass-driven sound; surround sound and larger ear-cups. You do not want larger ear-cups while running because they will be too heavy to run with.

So you might want to just buy a set of DJ headphones separately from a pair of ear-canal running earphones. If you can afford it, I would recommend doing this, because I’ve already mentioned that you can’t have maximum DJ quality and portability at the same time. Although running earphones can have excellence quality, they are inappropriate for DJ needs. So choosing the right pair recommended below is definitely the way to go:

Here are our favorite DJ Headphones, Check them out now: