Best Earphones for Running

Best Earphones for Running

When running, you’ll want something to keep you going, besides water of course. Music is a great tool for this. However, you’ll notice that with most earphones and headphones, they will tend to fall out while running. You’ll put them back in, go a few strides, but they’ll just fall out again. So obviously you’ll want some earphones that don’t do that. You will need the best earphones for running.

If it’s the best running earphones you’re after, you’re probably not looking for headphones, which are the ones which connect over your head and have much bigger earpieces. Headphones don’t fall off as easily but they can be bulky and a bit annoying when you’re running. It’s really all personal preference, so it’s up to you. There are also slightly bigger earphones than usual that are still earphones.

So, to prevent the dilemma of earphones falling out, you’ll need some of the best earphones for running. So let’s knuckle them down. There are many technologies that are available to cater the casual and “hardcore” buyer. I’ll list them below:

  • Clip-on: these are good earphones to use while running and wrap around your entire ear to prevent them from falling. The disadvantage is that it may look unstylish.
  • Ear-canal: these are the best earphones for running and don’t just sit on the edge of your ear, but stick in a bit further. The disadvantage to this kind of earphones is that they may cancel noise too much, which can make you hear your inner body, such as your heartbeat and blood flow, more audibly.
  • Ear-fin: these are also good earphones for running and are kind of like a cross between clip-on and ear-canal earphones. They stick into your ear like ear-canal ones, but they also have a bit of an extended fin which increases the effectiveness of not falling out.
  • Headband: another name for headphones. As already mentioned above, they wrap around the top of your head, but can be annoying, and may not be as effective in staying in place.
  • Neckband- these are a cross between earphones and headphones. They can have the speaker size of either earphones or headphones, but the band is at the neck, which holds the speakers in place pretty securely. An additional advantage to neckband and headband earphones is that, if you want to take them off, they can just sit on your neck while you run, rather than having them hang off your shirt with other earphones.

Out of personal preference, I would recommend ear-canal earphones, as the ideal earphones for running, because they stay in your ears, unless you’re vigorously running, and still look stylish.

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