Best LG Bluetooth Headset

Best LG Bluetooth Headset

So, you’re looking for a LG Bluetooth headset. It’s a solid and decent choice, because LG makes relatively good products and their reputation and quality is generally pretty high up. When you’re looking at buying one, it’s pretty much just like looking for any Bluetooth headset, except you won’t be looking at high end or low end headsets, just above mid-range headsets. I’ve got a great formula for looking for the perfect LG Bluetooth headset for you. It’s may seem a bit obvious, but it works; go with it.

1. Style– Make sure it suits you. Not any random person but you. Look for colour, headband design, size, and overall look. You can choose from the single eared LG Bluetooth headsets or a LG stereo Bluetooth headset. It’s entirely up to you.

2. Features– Look for impressive sounding technology, but also features that you will want. Maybe you want noise/echo cancellation. Maybe you’re annoyed with connection problems, and need auto reconnect. Maybe you need a dual microphone.

3. Price– Even if you’re looking for the best LG Bluetooth headset HBM (such as HBM-520), you’re still going to want to watch the price. Don’t get ripped off, and it’s probably not a good idea to buy straight from the LG website, because they’ll probably have the most expensive price. See below for a cheap bluetooth headset.

The HBM series is single ear only, and it is ideal for simplicity and quality. It’s not exactly idea for comfort though. Also, it’s not the best if you want to have the mouthpiece a bit closer to your mouth, and if you want stereo sound rather than just mono. If you’re looking for a LG Bluetooth stereo headset, instead of any of the HBM series, I would recommend one from the HBS series. They are generally reasonably small, comfortable and sometimes even gym-friendly.

There are also some unusual HBS series for a LG Bluetooth headset. Some look like they plug into things, but they actually plug into your ear. Some are like having two of the HBM series connected to each other. Again, it’s up to you to decide and choose your style, features and price. You may want the headband, or no headband, or behind the neck, or the benefits of having just one, with no need for any connection. No wires or bands.

So, as you can see, LG offers some pretty decent Bluetooth headsets. But, if you’re unconvinced, look at some other brands such as Sony or Creative. Or maybe you want a regular wireless headset, or a wired headset for that matter. In any case, you just need to follow the same steps in order to get the headset you need.

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