Best Studio Headphones

Best Studio Headphones

So you have a studio or just want some of the best studio headphones. The first thing you need to know is that, if you want the least stress and fastest speed as possible, you can just look at the best brands.

Best Brands

The best brands include Sennheiser, Ultrasone, high-end Creative and high-end Sony headphones. You can browse around yourself or you may have your own brand in mind that you want to buy headphones for. Either way, that’s the least stressful way of getting some of the best studio headphones.

So, besides the brand, what are the best studio headphones? Let’s knuckle down what makes the best studio headphones. If you’re still reading this, it means that you’ve decided to go for individual features rather than brand name.

Extra Help

Just remember that the price range can get into the thousands, so be prepared to pay that much if you’re looking for the absolute best. But say you just want the best for you. So, you will want to look at features such as sound quality, surround sound, noise cancelling, acoustic seal, and any other features that may add to the sound experience. Look for customer reviews, professional reviews and recommendations. Sometimes, popularity is good, because you know that most people like it. But sometimes it’s bad because people may just buy it because they don’t know what else to get.

Check for Extra Features

You’re not going to do that though, are you? You’re a sensible consumer, that’s why you’re reading this article. So, what else is there? You could also look at some bonus features that may help with being more user-friendly. Look for features such as being wireless, lightweight, larger ear coupler size, cord type, manufacturer warranty, impedance, connector type, detachable cable, or even have a microphone.

Maybe you’re looking for the best studio headphones for mixing. This is a difficult challenge, because the sound is right next to your ears and surround sound is more evident on a sound system.

How Much to Invest?

If you’re willing to invest the money in the best studio headphones however, you can get some headphones which are smart enough to be able to transmit sound accordingly to a high quality. Your brain can recognise these subtle differences in sound, due to the sound quality, so you’ll be able to mix sound properly. Ordinary headphones are unable to do that, so you will need to get some decent studio/DJ headphones. Your best bet is to be prepared to spend a lot of money; know what features you want; and to invest in a good brand.

So what are the best studio headphones? Check out our picks below: