Best Xbox 360 Headset

Best Xbox 360 Headset

The best Xbox 360 headset is one that suits your basic gaming needs. I could just directly recommend you one now: one of the official Xbox 360 headsets. It’s reasonably cheap; it’s good quality and it’s guaranteed to work on your Xbox 360 and Windows computer. But considering the fact that you’re reading this article, you’re probably looking for something a little more unique and possibly higher quality. Not only that, but there are several kinds of official Xbox 360 headsets. So what is the best Xbox 360 headset?

There is the official Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless headset and the official wired headset which are both decent and mid-range in terms of price and quality. But let’s have a look at some other brands. Maybe you want some proper headphones with a microphone as an added feature. You could look at some headphones by Skullcandy, Creative, Sennheiser or even Turtle Beach. With this kind of purchase, I would recommend just going for the coolest looking and most trustworthy looking pair of headphones. Make sure that they’re either USB or wireless USB, because Xbox 360 doesn’t support Bluetooth, without an adapter.

If it were me, I’d probably buy a set of Creative headphones, simply because I love the quality and look of them. But I would say that the best Xbox 360 wireless headset would probably be the official one because of the lack of Bluetooth in the console. The technology behind the controllers and the wireless headset are not Bluetooth unfortunately. The PS3 uses Bluetooth, but that’s a whole different story we won’t get into. If it’s wireless you’re going for, go official Microsoft.

I’m not listing specific features here because it’s really not up to the features to determine your purchase. What will determine your purchase, out of the best Xbox 360 headsets, may be price, compatibility, look, feel, or wireless capability. When gaming, just buy a decent headset. As long as you don’t buy a cheap one, you won’t have any problems with quality or anything like that.

Of course, if the best Xbox 360 headset you’re looking for isn’t suitable for other audio tasks you may want to do, it’s smart to buy something that will cater for multiple tasks, unless you want to buy separate headphones. Anyway, you can make the best Xbox 360 headset also the best PC headset, as long as you buy something decent, like I said. When I say decent, I mean that the brand isn’t really unknown, and/or you have to make sure the price is right.

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