Audio Equipment

When purchasing a car audio system, you should be looking for car component speakers.  Component speakers are made up of a single driver and perform only within their frequency.  Component speakers are used in a group with other component speakers in order to reproduce the entire sound spectrum.  A component group can consist of only two drivers or four drivers and higher to form a complete system.  Each component performs within its own audio band.  The combined sound of the components creates the overall effect of the car audio system.

Your other choice for car speakers is to use what are called full range speakers.  These speakers cover the complete range, even bass, in a single unit.  We are not going to discuss full range speakers in depth, but they are considered inferior to component systems.

Kappa, Polk, and Kicker make the best component speakers on the market.  Alpine component speakers are also a very desirable brand to purchase.

Choosing the right component speakers has a lot to do with size.  Most cars have holes that are already made to contain your car speakers.  Apart from making new holes, which is something you don’t want to take on, your car speakers have to fit in the hole that is there.  Component speakers can range in size from under 1 inch to easily above 6.75 inches.  One of the most common sizes for car manufacturers is 6.5 inches, but in purchasing 6.5 component speakers you have to be careful.

There are actually two 6.5 inch speaker sizes.  This is because the difference occurs when breaking the size down metrically.   One of the speakers is 160 or 165 mm and is commonly listed as a 6.5 size speaker.  The other is 170 or 175 mm and is listed as a 6.5S or 6.75 inch speaker.  Believe it or not, the distinction can be important, so remember that if you are buying these size component speakers.

The other thing that you might want to consicomponent speakersder is sensitivity.  Sensitivity measures what a speaker can yield from the amount of power it receives.  If your car audio has low power, as do most factory stereos, you want speakers with high sensitivity.  If your system is high powered it is probably not manufacturer standard and has a brand name amplifier or receiver, and you want speakers with low sensitivity.

These are some details and basics that you should know when picking component speakers for car audio. Remember that choosing a good surround sound system will really enhance the audio experience in your car.

Video conferencing is in high demand and so are video conferencing jobs.  In today’s world many meetings are now taken via video conference rather than face-to-face meetings.  The trend in video conferencing was born out of a necessity to save money on travel and to reduce the amount of time spent going to and from meetings.  Also, meeting related costs such as conference rooms, meals, and accommodations are cut or eliminated when using video conferencing.

For these reasons, Internet video conferencing has become the preferred arrangement for conducting business meetings.  With the field having grown so big so fast, a lot of room has been left open for video conferencing jobs.

If you are looking for a video conferencing job, there are several different types available.  First off, there are positions as account representatives readily available.  An account representative calls upon businesses in order to solicit work for a video conferencing firm.  These firms specialize in setting up video conferencing programs for large businesses.  The account representative’s goal is to sign on companies to use his or her firm for all of their video conferencing needs.

Other sorts of positions are available in video conferencing jobs, also.  Positions in online support are opening up as video conferencing gains popularity.  For these jobs you will need technical training and the ability to communicate well with customers.  Online support is usually called upon when there is a problem, so you will most often be trained as a troubleshooter.  This may require prior experience working with video conferencing software, cordless headphones, and specific experience within the field itself.

Engineers, technical specialists, and programmers are also needed within the video conferencing industry.  These positions, of course, require specialized training and experience.  A certain educational achievement may be required in each specific case such as an Associates Degree, a Bachelor’s Degree, or even a Master’s Degree depending upon the position and its responsibilities.

Whatever your level of expertise, training, or education, getting a job in the video conferencing industry is a good idea.  This field has a rapidly growing market with expansion all around the globe.  The nature of the technology involved brings changes, improvements, and updates on a steady basis.  This means that there will always be a need for someone trained in the most current aspects of the field in order to sell the product, manage the product, fix the product, and create advancement and applications of the product.


If you are going to install home theatre or entertainment systems, one of the most important components is your audio tower.  While you could just put your DVD player and stereo equipment anywhere you want, it is much better to have a particular space devoted to the storage of your components.

audio tower

An audio tower is primarily a practical piece of furniture.  In fact, audio tower furniture is a typical description of audio towers that are constructed to look more like a piece of furniture than a rack for components.  People often choose this sort of audio tower to complete the look of their room.

When choosing an audio tower in this manner, the purchaser should take into consideration the furnishings of the room rather than the look of the components and find an audio tower that fits more for its look as furniture than its visual relationship to the components. You will also have to consider the cords that may come in from the speakers or the lack of if using a wireless surround sound system.

Some people prefer going the other way and shop for an audio tower stand to store their components.  An audio tower stand and audio tower rack are basically interchangeable.  The design of these two storage units is minimalistic and often contemporary.  They are practical storage units, consciously chosen for their smaller footprint that furniture audio towers.

A large number of audio and video components are sold in a black matte finish.  This is primarily to reduce the amount of dust and static that surrounds the electronics.  Because of this, many manufacturers produce a black audio tower.  Beyond the fact that most of these black towers match the components they store, giving an overall monochromatic look to the entire unit. The black matte finish will somewhat reduce the attraction of dust and static.

Remember to take measurements to ensure that you purchase the proper size audio tower.  Believe it or not, choosing too large or two small a storage piece for components is the most common mistake consumers make when buying these units.  Measure the area where you want to place your tower and count how many components you have.  It is always good to have a few extra shelves in case you expand your entertainment system and have to add components later.  You can store DVDs or CDs on the empty shelves until you need to use them.  On the other hand, having more components than you do shelves just isn’t going to work.