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Street by 50 headphones

It was inevitable, especially with Beats By D. Dre making such a splash, that 50 Cent would soon jump onto the headphone bandwagon.

At the International Consumer Electronics Show recently in Las Vegas, he released his contribution in the form of the SMS Audio headphones. This range features different designs in order to appeal to a wider demographic, all the while adding his special spin into the range.

Street by 50 is the name given to the wired headphones that cost $299.95. For an extra $100, you can buy a version that is wireless, called Sync by 50. This wireless design is useful in many different situations, providing the music while you are exercising or playing Foxy Bingo at home. This is because they eliminate the need to have the headphones connected to the music playing device, so you can have the freedom to move around without worrying about tangling up the wires.

The 36-year-old rapper has said that he was inspired to create this range by Dr. Dre’s successful headphones, and that he felt it was a natural progression from making music. He also said that he wanted to create something that gave listeners the best sound quality possible, so that they can appreciate his music and hear it the way that he does.

The wireless connectivity is something that he was especially concerned with. He wanted to make sure that none of the sound quality was lost in the transferring process so that having wireless headphones is worth paying that little bit extra.

His range of headphones also has noise-cancellation technology, as well as volume control and bass boost that can be controlled via the headset Another advantage is that it is possible to sync four pairs of headphones to the same source of music, so that you can share the fun with your friends.

Logitech is a well-known and trustworthy brand, especially for audio devices. Therefore, choosing to buy a Logitech USB headset is a safe and generally quality option. The only problem with Logitech is occasional incompatibility with Mac, Linux and game consoles; but it’s not very often, especially if they are headsets, as they will be specifically designed for multi-platform gaming.

You have to choose what you want in terms of features. Logitech offers a number of both simple and advanced audio features. In terms of simple, you can look at plush earpads; adjustable headband; wireless; on-ear audio control and a padded headband. Slightly more advanced features include noise cancelling sound; noise cancelling microphone; surround sound; behind-the-head design; folding design and super wideband audio.

The Logitech USB headset that you want can be used for gaming, video chatting, or any other tasks that require a headset. The good thing about headsets is that they can be used as headphones as well as a microphone. And the good thing about USB headsets is that they only need to plug into one socket and are multi-platform, whereas 3.5mm connections use up two plugs and are mainly only compatible with Windows. With some, the Logitech USB headset can come with both types of connectors so that you can choose.

The Logitech USB gaming headset is ideal for gaming because the sound is loud, clear and crisp. The comfort is also maximised compared to other Logitech headsets, because they are specifically designed for long periods of gaming. The Logitech USB headset for gaming is especially good for noise cancelling in terms of sound.

If you’re looking for something a bit simpler, you can go for the Logitech USB headset H330 with simple plug and play capability; a noise-cancelling microphone; a rotating, adjustable boom for the microphone; adjustable headband and stereo sound. If that sounds like you, go for it. But, if you’re looking for something a bit more advanced, you can browse around for other headsets.

A simple Logitech USB headset with microphone may be all you need. However, the only distinct feature you would get is a noise-cancelling microphone. The good thing about a simple headset is that they are very cheap and can suit pretty much any basic needs. Generally, these will have the headband around the back of your head and may or may not be able to fold onto itself. So make sure that you choose a range of headsets that you may need first then choose what you want from that selection.

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Don’t disappoint yourself when you go out and buy some wireless stereo headphones. Make sure that you buy exactly what you need. Let me show you.

The first area you want to look at is the basic general features. You have to ask several questions:

What is the range?

Do you want a microphone on the headphones to make it a headset?

Do you want to upgrade to surround sound?

Do you want volume controls on the headphones?

How long do you want the battery to last?

How much are you willing to spend?

Do you want simplicity or complexity?

How high performance would you like the wireless stereo headphones?

There’s another approach to looking for the best wireless stereo headphones. If you’re looking for superior sound quality, rather than just regularly high quality sound, you should look at buying some Acoustic Research wireless stereo headphones. Acoustic Research offers high quality headphones that can transmit through walls and floors. An example is the Acoustic Research AW771 900 MHz Wireless Stereo Headphones. The ear cups are suitably padded for user comfort and they can swivel to your needs. The headband is also adjustable. The RF range is much further than regular headphones, at around 300 feet (90 metres). The sound is high quality and has strong bass.

With Acoustic Research wireless headphones, you can be sure that range and quality is always high. There is an additional feature that comes with some of the headphones called auto tuning. Acoustic Research wireless stereo headphones with auto tuning, fine tunes the reception for the best possible sound. The charging cradle charges the headphones by induction (magnetic proximity), so you can be sure that the headphones are always ready to use. Even though the range is very large, the technology behind the headphones ensures clear reception.

However, if you’re looking for slightly more simple headphones, I can recommend brands such as Sony. Sony MDR-RF970RK 900 MHz Wireless Headphones, for example, has a range of 150 feet (45 metres) and has similar features to the Acoustic Research ones, except slightly less potent. The comfort and adjustability is a bit lower and the sound quality is great, but not excellent. It has its own volume control on the headphones and has a good battery life.

Then there are expensive Sony wireless stereo headphones such as the Sony MDR-DS6000 Wireless Headphones. These will give you all the Acoustic Research features, but with surround sound and even better sound quality, but watch out for the price!

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Getting new headphones are never easy. There’s just so much in the market these days that it makes choosing one almost impossible (it possible although the choices are endless!). This article will deal with how to get the best lg headphone! Since there are so many brands let’s stick with one of the greatest which is LG (Life’s Good)!

To start up, since there really are a lot of headphones, even vast choices within a single brand, it makes it tough for someone to choose what they like. So here’s the thing, choose a type that you like best. There are small headphones that are called in-ear headphones. Small headphones don’t always have the best quality but these are very portable. Another kind of earphones is the ones that have an elastic frame that connects the headphones. The good thing about both these styles is the fact that they’re inexpensive and these are the best ones when you’re budgeted.

Now if you have more than enough and are willing to get something pricier, then medium-end headphones should be considered. These are bigger than in-ear headphones. These are the ones that would have soft cushions for the earphones unlike the standard type. The good thing about this type of headphone is the fact that it has noise cancelling that would eliminate unwanted background music.

Another important thing a buyer needs to consider is the compatibility of the headphones to the device they will use it for. There are different kinds of models so stick to one that’s mostly compatible to any other device because you never know where you’ll use it for besides your MP3 or cell phone.

The big question is where you can by these lg stereo headphones? Check out our Top Picks Below:

So you have a studio or just want some of the best studio headphones. The first thing you need to know is that, if you want the least stress and fastest speed as possible, you can just look at the best brands.

Best Brands

The best brands include Sennheiser, Ultrasone, high-end Creative and high-end Sony headphones. You can browse around yourself or you may have your own brand in mind that you want to buy headphones for. Either way, that’s the least stressful way of getting some of the best studio headphones.

So, besides the brand, what are the best studio headphones? Let’s knuckle down what makes the best studio headphones. If you’re still reading this, it means that you’ve decided to go for individual features rather than brand name.

Extra Help

Just remember that the price range can get into the thousands, so be prepared to pay that much if you’re looking for the absolute best. But say you just want the best for you. So, you will want to look at features such as sound quality, surround sound, noise cancelling, acoustic seal, and any other features that may add to the sound experience. Look for customer reviews, professional reviews and recommendations. Sometimes, popularity is good, because you know that most people like it. But sometimes it’s bad because people may just buy it because they don’t know what else to get.

Check for Extra Features

You’re not going to do that though, are you? You’re a sensible consumer, that’s why you’re reading this article. So, what else is there? You could also look at some bonus features that may help with being more user-friendly. Look for features such as being wireless, lightweight, larger ear coupler size, cord type, manufacturer warranty, impedance, connector type, detachable cable, or even have a microphone.

Maybe you’re looking for the best studio headphones for mixing. This is a difficult challenge, because the sound is right next to your ears and surround sound is more evident on a sound system.

How Much to Invest?

If you’re willing to invest the money in the best studio headphones however, you can get some headphones which are smart enough to be able to transmit sound accordingly to a high quality. Your brain can recognise these subtle differences in sound, due to the sound quality, so you’ll be able to mix sound properly. Ordinary headphones are unable to do that, so you will need to get some decent studio/DJ headphones. Your best bet is to be prepared to spend a lot of money; know what features you want; and to invest in a good brand.

So what are the best studio headphones? Check out our picks below:


When running, you’ll want something to keep you going, besides water of course. Music is a great tool for this. However, you’ll notice that with most earphones and headphones, they will tend to fall out while running. You’ll put them back in, go a few strides, but they’ll just fall out again. So obviously you’ll want some earphones that don’t do that. You will need the best earphones for running.

If it’s the best running earphones you’re after, you’re probably not looking for headphones, which are the ones which connect over your head and have much bigger earpieces. Headphones don’t fall off as easily but they can be bulky and a bit annoying when you’re running. It’s really all personal preference, so it’s up to you. There are also slightly bigger earphones than usual that are still earphones.

So, to prevent the dilemma of earphones falling out, you’ll need some of the best earphones for running. So let’s knuckle them down. There are many technologies that are available to cater the casual and “hardcore” buyer. I’ll list them below:

  • Clip-on: these are good earphones to use while running and wrap around your entire ear to prevent them from falling. The disadvantage is that it may look unstylish.
  • Ear-canal: these are the best earphones for running and don’t just sit on the edge of your ear, but stick in a bit further. The disadvantage to this kind of earphones is that they may cancel noise too much, which can make you hear your inner body, such as your heartbeat and blood flow, more audibly.
  • Ear-fin: these are also good earphones for running and are kind of like a cross between clip-on and ear-canal earphones. They stick into your ear like ear-canal ones, but they also have a bit of an extended fin which increases the effectiveness of not falling out.
  • Headband: another name for headphones. As already mentioned above, they wrap around the top of your head, but can be annoying, and may not be as effective in staying in place.
  • Neckband- these are a cross between earphones and headphones. They can have the speaker size of either earphones or headphones, but the band is at the neck, which holds the speakers in place pretty securely. An additional advantage to neckband and headband earphones is that, if you want to take them off, they can just sit on your neck while you run, rather than having them hang off your shirt with other earphones.

Out of personal preference, I would recommend ear-canal earphones, as the ideal earphones for running, because they stay in your ears, unless you’re vigorously running, and still look stylish.

Check out our Top 3 picks:


If you’re looking for the best 3.5 mm stereo headphones to buy then that can be very hard because there are so many of them to choose from. There are even headphones that are marketed as the “best”, yet when you get them, they don’t seem to fit nicely to your ears nor are they visually appealing. Boo.. Not to fear..

Here is our list of the top 5 best 3.55 mm stereo headphones:

*Click on the pics or links to find out more product & buying information

1. Audio Technica ART series

These headphones just kick ass. The ATH-xxx series of closed headphones make for comfort and quality sound, yet not disturbing others around you. The winged design allows any user to put on these headphones without having to re-adjust anything. With a range of different units, these headphones can cater a range of budgets. These cans are also well balanced and have a great sound stage considering they are closed headphones.

2. Bang & Olufson A8

The greatest low profiled headphones that can fit even into the tiniest pockets! These are very durable headphones because of the metal ear bands that come with a rubber lining. The sound quality is amazing. I tried to listen to Damien Rice’s, “The Blower’s Daughter”, and I was even able to hear the background studio noise. It’s that great!

3. Bose Quiet Comfort 2 – Acoustic Noise Canceling

Now these headphones are very good too. These are more expensive than your regular high-end headphones but it’s worth the cost! Quiet Comfort’s lasts longer than other brands. It’s also very comfortable for the ears. The head band that connects the earphones is very durable plus they are wireless! Now, let’s talk about the sound quality. These headphones provide excellent noise canceling abilities. Trust me, even if you’re seated on an airplane, if you have these on, you won’t hear much engine noise at all.

4. Sony MDR-V700 Studio Monitor Series

These are very famous DJ headphones (trust me, they swore). When you go to a club, check out what type of headphones a lot of DJ’s have on. I’m sure they will probably have a pair of 700’s. Sound quality? Very rich! The sound is just very well balanced. You’ll never flinch because of how loud the music will be. Again, it’s purely balanced. These are also very durable; these have a double enforced head band, as well as metal components in the design for durability.

5. Bose Triport

When you get to see these headphones, you would probably think that I’m crazy recommending them because they don’t look like they produce good music. However, when you hear the brand, “Bose”, you won’t have any second thoughts of getting any other headphone brand. First of all, they are very comfortable for the ears because of how light they are and because of the type of padding they use. When it comes to the sound quality, it’s terrific! Alicia Keys has a very raspy voice, which you wouldn’t normally hear using ordinary headphones. But when you use these, you’ll really hear how her voice is wearing a pair of these headphones.

Other Headphones that are Awesome:

Cordless headphones are definitely flooding the market these days – as the newest and the most innovative audio accessory tool, it is considered to be a revolutionary gadget after corded the ones.

This gadget is defined to be a headphone without wires or cords which relatively means that you don’t have wrestle with those wires on your neck and shoulders anymore.  There’s no reason why consumers would ignore such a great feature – after all, convenience and comfort have always been a significant consideration for must buyers of gadget related tools such as headphones.

The search for the best designs of cordless and wireless headphones is still ongoing – and it is utterly important to note that the innovation that various manufacturers and designers of a wide array of electronic consumers is dependent on the continuing success and progress of engineering advancement and digital technology.  The cordless headphone design is another innovation and improvement from the conventional corded one.  So now consumers have the liberty to sport a wireless headphone – which, undeniably makes a good fashion statement and more comfortable to deal with.

But cordless and wireless headphones are not only presented to be a change in design – they also outperform most gaming headphonescorded headphones and usb headphones in terms of functionality and features.  Many gadget experts pointed out and declared that headphones that are rendered wireless and cordless do not only offer more mobility features, the functionality and the specs of each one are wonderfully made to make a difference.  For instance, most cordless and wireless headphones have more power efficiency than the traditional corded ones – they are powered through charging docks that usually come in the whole package.  Many of these new types of headphones incorporated Bluetooth technology for a faster, speedier transmission of audio and data streaming.  Then again, cordless and wireless headphones have also the capacity to stream to favorite FM and AM radio stations in real time.

The audio power when it comes to wireless headphones is also highly improved.  Noise-canceling headphones ultimately shut down outside environmental music that greatly affects the quality of exclusive music entertainment.  In the same way, most Bluetooth headphones nowadays can stream past thick walls of glass or wood – which is really convenient for some people because there is no more audio interruption to deal with.

A connoisseur of numerous audio related gadgets would definitely prefer cordless headphones.  While corded headphones are not yet phased out or obsolete in various markets today, it’s high time for people to experience a more convenient way of enjoying an exclusive audio entertainment with any type of cordless headphone available.  As a prospect buyer of this gadget, make sure that you go for such functionality and make the audio and sound quality a top priority one.



Our Favorite Surround Sound Systems:

If you want to have the ultimate movie feel inside your home, well I suggest you get a wireless surround sound speaker system. This is what a movie-lover should definitely get a hold of! Since our world just keeps on innovating, these speakers have also been improved and the sound you’ll be able to get from these speakers is really incredible.

Now when we hear the term ‘wireless surround sound‘, it doesn’t actually pertain to a system not having wires for it to function. The whole system actually needs wires to get connected but unlike the models before, these recent models don’t have that many wires and it comes to wireless speakers. Many speakers still require a cord for power, but do not need extra wires to connect it up to the main system.

What are the benefits of having a wireless surround sound system?

Obviously it is its wireless functionality. You can put your speakers anywhere you desire without the hassle of thinking where the wires are going to be placed. You can also configure the system easily to get the best setup for the room you’ll place the speakers in, whether it be for a small room or a massive room. Lastly, since you’ll be running on wireless technology, you won’t be struggling with troubleshooting in the future. No more confusing colored wires and figuring out where to plug in what.

What’s the disadvantage of these wireless systems? wireless surround sound

Well a major downside to it is the electrical power for each speaker. Customarily, powered speakers are linked by wires and the current they get would come from the amplifier. Since speakers these days are wireless, it will need its own power source to each speaker. They will indeed need to be plugged into a wall outlet separately.

If you’re questioning why this would even be called wireless or cordless, it’s again because of the fact that unlike before, these speakers needed to be connected to each other wired before it can function, whereas now, it can function independently. It’s easier to use without running long speaker cables all over the place. But again with ‘the catch’ that it will need a power source.

Wireless surround sound systems are one’s best technology when talking about turning your living rooms, bedrooms or other parts of your house into a movie-like-atmosphere. The pieces for these systems are expensive as the quality of these wireless surround sound speakers is really amazing! There are benefits and downsides, but these are more than your average surround sound systems.

Remember if you are really tight on budget, then you could just get yourself a pair of wireless surround sound headphones. These cordless headphones or gaming headphones provide great sound quality, and a great sound stage for a fraction of the cost. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your budget and this is going to decide whether you can afford to go wireless or not.

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Cordless headphones are useful in almost all aspects of audio, from TV watching to music playing. There is a large range of cordless headphones, and choosing the right ones could either mean buying the best cordless headphones or just the best-valued ones. However, buying the most expensive cordless stereo headphones doesn’t necessarily give you the best sound quality.

Having to watch TV, for example, with the annoyance of cords can be frustrating, so getting the right cordless TV headphones becomes essential. Cordless headphones for TV are effectively just regular cordless headphones. Almost all electronic stores sell headphones, so be sure to drop into one and browse the cordless headphone section. When browsing, have a list of features you may want from the headphones you want to buy.

Features include:
•    Noise and ambience cancellation
•    Range of effectiveness (such as 10 metres)
•    Sound quality- (such as CD or lossless)
•    Bass and treble
•    Battery life
•    Cost
•    Size, comfort and fitting
•    Volume

If you are looking for value and quality, a set of Sennheiser headphones is a good choice, as they offer a variety of good features at a reasonable price. Sennheiser cordless headphones are comparable with many other brands such as Sony, Creative or Logitech. However, those brands also offer low-end and mid-range headphone cordless products which you may also want to consider.

Música Creative Commons Licensephoto credit: Juanedc

With headphones, one size doesn’t fit all, so you should purchase based on preference, rather than just on review or recommendation. It may actually end up being that you buy the one that looks the most stylish, because wearing bulky headphones can be a bit ugly, depending on the brand you buy. The size and comfort is also important, because it may be that you want smaller headphones for portability and comfort, or larger ones for better sound quality.

One feature that may be particularly appealing is noise and ambience cancellation. This is because when listening to something like music, all you want to hear is the music. That’s why it is important to buy something that cancels unwanted sound that may ruin the audio experience.

Cordless headphones are useful today, and some that you come across are magic… and some are tragic. Professional reviews and customer feedback can be useful in picking the right ones. Most of them will cover the list of features and when it comes down to it, the two main things to watch out for are quality and affordability. But just remember that the most expensive pair may not be the best, or vice-versa.