Whether you’re a serious DJ or just love jamming in your own home, you’ll want to buy the best DJ headphones for your musical needs. When looking for quality, you’ll really need to look no further than a reputably good brand. If you’re looking for DJ headphones which are also the best earphones for running, for example, you may want to rethink just getting an expensive pair of Sennheiser headphones that won’t stay on your head while running.

It’s probably a good plan to invest in a single pair of headphones, rather than having to buy several pairs to cater for your different needs. You will want to list a few specs that you may want in your DJ headphones, and figure out whether or not you want the best running earphones, or just the best DJ headphones.

If you want both, including earphones for running, think about what specs and features you would like them to have. Some examples of things you might want to have included: lightweight; longer cord length; the right jack size and type; folding; a single cord; rotating ear-cups; and a higher frequency range. Obviously, the more features you want, the more you are going to have to pay, so choose your features wisely.

The main other feature you’d want to look at especially is sound quality. When it comes to the sound quality, you’ll mainly just want to look at good brands such as Sony, Creative and Sennheiser. With Sony, you have to look at the high-end headphones; otherwise they won’t be appropriate to be the best DJ headphone set.

What kind? Best DJ Headphones Review

The best DJ headphones aren’t necessarily the best running earphones, so watch out for that. The more you sway one way, the further you stray away from the other. So, the higher quality DJ headphones you buy, the less likely they will be appropriate for running, and vice-versa.

Besides the features mentioned, you’ll also want to look at some extra sound-enhancing technologies available to choose the best DJ headphones.

Features to look for

Features will include noise-cancelling; bass-driven sound; surround sound and larger ear-cups. You do not want larger ear-cups while running because they will be too heavy to run with.

So you might want to just buy a set of DJ headphones separately from a pair of ear-canal running earphones. If you can afford it, I would recommend doing this, because I’ve already mentioned that you can’t have maximum DJ quality and portability at the same time. Although running earphones can have excellence quality, they are inappropriate for DJ needs. So choosing the right pair recommended below is definitely the way to go:

Here are our favorite DJ Headphones, Check them out now:

If you’re looking for the best 3.5 mm stereo headphones to buy then that can be very hard because there are so many of them to choose from. There are even headphones that are marketed as the “best”, yet when you get them, they don’t seem to fit nicely to your ears nor are they visually appealing. Boo.. Not to fear..

Here is our list of the top 5 best 3.55 mm stereo headphones:

*Click on the pics or links to find out more product & buying information

1. Audio Technica ART series

These headphones just kick ass. The ATH-xxx series of closed headphones make for comfort and quality sound, yet not disturbing others around you. The winged design allows any user to put on these headphones without having to re-adjust anything. With a range of different units, these headphones can cater a range of budgets. These cans are also well balanced and have a great sound stage considering they are closed headphones.

2. Bang & Olufson A8

The greatest low profiled headphones that can fit even into the tiniest pockets! These are very durable headphones because of the metal ear bands that come with a rubber lining. The sound quality is amazing. I tried to listen to Damien Rice’s, “The Blower’s Daughter”, and I was even able to hear the background studio noise. It’s that great!

3. Bose Quiet Comfort 2 – Acoustic Noise Canceling

Now these headphones are very good too. These are more expensive than your regular high-end headphones but it’s worth the cost! Quiet Comfort’s lasts longer than other brands. It’s also very comfortable for the ears. The head band that connects the earphones is very durable plus they are wireless! Now, let’s talk about the sound quality. These headphones provide excellent noise canceling abilities. Trust me, even if you’re seated on an airplane, if you have these on, you won’t hear much engine noise at all.

4. Sony MDR-V700 Studio Monitor Series

These are very famous DJ headphones (trust me, they swore). When you go to a club, check out what type of headphones a lot of DJ’s have on. I’m sure they will probably have a pair of 700’s. Sound quality? Very rich! The sound is just very well balanced. You’ll never flinch because of how loud the music will be. Again, it’s purely balanced. These are also very durable; these have a double enforced head band, as well as metal components in the design for durability.

5. Bose Triport

When you get to see these headphones, you would probably think that I’m crazy recommending them because they don’t look like they produce good music. However, when you hear the brand, “Bose”, you won’t have any second thoughts of getting any other headphone brand. First of all, they are very comfortable for the ears because of how light they are and because of the type of padding they use. When it comes to the sound quality, it’s terrific! Alicia Keys has a very raspy voice, which you wouldn’t normally hear using ordinary headphones. But when you use these, you’ll really hear how her voice is wearing a pair of these headphones.

Other Headphones that are Awesome:


Top 5 Micro USB Headphones

With so many devices that use different plugs, it is sometimes hard to find the right device with the right usb fitting. Finding the best micro usb headphone set is hard work. We have compiled the top five micro usb headphones to help you choose the best ones for your situation. Here goes..

No. 1

The ultimate set of earphones for Samsung phones. These earphones have great sound and come with a micro usb adapter to boot. Don’t hesitate, give them a look now. 5/5
No. 2

The best set of usb headphones for your Motorola phone. Great sound quality and style. This set also allows for hands-free calls. 4.5/5
No. 3

Great solution for the casual user. Comes with a whole lot of features and has the all important micro usb output to be used in a variety of phones. Check them out to see what they are all about. 4.5/5
No. 4

This hands free set is a great option for the power user. Gives you the freedom to speak while on the move and provides great clear sound. 4/5
N0. 5

The Mybat dual-buds headset is also a great option. Not too expensive and has good sound. These are a great set of ear phones for someone looking for something reliable. 4/5
If the above headsets just aren’t your thing, you can also get converters to convert your regular headphones or earphones to fit into a micro usb slot. Check them out here:

OEM Samsung 3.5mm Headset Adapter for Samsung micro USB (for Samsung Strive A687, Flight A797, Rugby II A847, Smiley 🙂 T359, Gravity 3 T479, Gravity T T669)

OEM Samsung 3.5mm Headset Adapter lets you connect standard 3.5mm headphones or external speakers to cell phones and PDA phones that use a micro USB headset jack. You can listen to music / audio with your favorite 3.5mm headphones or through your speakers. Samsung part no. ET-AUF3SBEBXAR.


Micro USB To Mini USB 2.0 M/f Adapter

Startech USB 2.0 Adapter UUSBMUSBMF Cable Adapters

BlackBerry USB Cable Micro USB 1.0m (Black)

Features: Charging Ability: Yes Charging Port: Connection: Micro USB Model #: ASY-18683-001 Compatible Brands: BlackBerry Compatible with: BLACKBERRY: 8220 Kickstart, 9500 Thunder, 8220 Pearl Flip, 9530 Storm, 8900 Condition: New

Amzer Handy Converter Mini USB Connector to Micro USB

This Amzer Handy Converter allows you to use your Mini USB chargers and data cables on Micro USB ports. Easily and conveniently charge and sync all of your Micro USB devices with all of your Mini USB cables and the lanyard port makes it even easier to transport!

BlackBerry USB DataSync and Charging Cable with Micro USB for BlackBerry 8900, 9500, and 8220

Blackberry USB DataSync and Charging Cable with Micro USB

Everyone who is seriously into the gaming sector would love to have the best wireless gaming
. There are various types and varieties among the best wireless gaming headphones brands. But as always, a best thing is hard to find in the market place, and many people will face confusion and difficulty in spotting the best piece in the collection of many.

best wireless gaming headphones

In this article some tips and suggestion are being explored, and you will gain sufficient insight about this topic. There are various ways through which you can make sure that you are purchasing the headphones that are of the best quality, as there are various varieties that fool different customers. And obviously you would not like to waste around a lot of money for nothing.

One of the ways through which you can ensure a good purchase is by talking to various other gamers. Through this method you will have a broader perspective into this issue and you can thereby have the best quality of gaming headphones for yourself.

You must make sure that the headphones of your interest are compatible with your gaming platform. There are various styles of headphones that do not work appropriately for internet gaming etc. So make sure that your wireless gaming headphones are functioning appropriately with the game platform that you possess.

Another important thing to take into consideration is the size of the ear cups. If you are not comfortable with the ear cups of your headset, then you may be spoiling the whole experience of the gaming journey for yourself. Also, make sure that the ear cups are padded appropriately, because a fully immersed state of gaming is required essentially to bring a great experience of gaming fun for you. Nicely padded ear cups will also restrict the surrounding noise from spoiling the gaming experience for you.

The wireless headphones that are accompanied with an adjustable headband are very stylish and well suited for the requirements of the users. With adjustable headbands you can easily make the headphones fit according to the head size. And they will also provide a comfortable experience of gaming to you. Brands such as Audio Technica even have their own winged support system, that adjusts to your head automatically.

Before buying a headphone for your gaming platform, it is wise to take a quick comparative tour around the market. This makes you able to compare several brands and types of gaming headphones and you will be better able to make the right choice for yourself. The more you explore market place for a particular item, the better choice you will make at the end.

However, you may also read a few reviews on the internet about the product of your choice. Gather sufficient information regarding the products type and the manufacturer, before you make a purchase as, it is not wise to buy a low quality headphone. You must take caution beforehand in order to experience the best. So, take care, but have fun while buying your next wireless headphones for gaming.

Our Favorite Wireless Gaming Headphones

Top PC Gaming Headphones

Recent games have high-def sound effects and the players who are playing, require the best PC gaming headphones for the best quality sound. Having these headphones will enhance the overall gaming experience for you and will make sure that you enjoy an optimized gaming experience. Having the best PC gaming headphones will enable you to enjoy the peak gaming experience.

In this article there are few useful suggestions to choose an appropriate headset for yourself. As far as the best PC gaming headphones are concerned there are two main requirements for them. One of these requirements is the comfort factor and the second important thing is the sound quality.

There are other important factors as well that influence the quality of a headset as far as gaming headphones are concerned. However, a basic thing to be kept in mind is the existence of individual differences. Something that suit one person may not be what you have desired for.

The very first requirement of all the headphones is the factor of comfort. You can buy a great quality headset but if they are not comfortable you can not enjoy the experience. You should avoid buying heavy headphones as they will not let you enjoy the optimal experience of the game world.

Make sure that the headphones are big enough to cover your ears appropriately. Also, in order to check the comfort ability of the ear cups, make sure that you buy headphones with soft and thick ear cups. Another thing that must gather your attention is the headband and its adjustable size. Make sure that the headband fits your head appropriately.

Length of the cable of headset must suit your needs and must be of appropriate length. If you desire you can have a much longer cable or take shorter cable, if you desire you can have a short cable for the headphone. But, it would not be fun if you will have to press your nose to the screen, would it?

Another significant factor in buying a good quality PC headphone set is to consider the volume control. Make sure that the cable of your headphone has one volume control device otherwise you will have to sacrifice your comfort in order to adjust the volume of the game. This can also affect your overall performance in the game.

However, if you do not desire to involve in the chaos of the cables then cordless headphones provide the best possible solution. The wireless gaming headphones utilize Bluetooth technology or the RF technology. Sometimes, these wireless headphones are more vulnerable to noise interference. Sometimes there is also signal interference, and you may repent that you have opted for cordless headphones.

These suggestions, if followed appropriately will aid you a lot in making a suitable decision in this regard. You would not like to waste a large amount of money on some wrong purchase. In order to make an appropriate decision, you must always take your time and then decide upon something reliable and valuable.

Here are our top 3 picks for PURE AWESOME gaming headphones:

Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 with 7.1 Surround Sound

Logitech Gaming Headset G330 (Black)

Creative Labs 51MZ0310AA005 HS-800 Fatal1ty Gaming Headset (Black)

More Awesome PC Headphones:

Our Favorite Surround Sound Headphones for Gaming:

When it comes to the sector of gaming, everyone tends to overlook the aspect of sound. However, it is worth acknowledging that sound plays a vital role in enhancing the gaming experience. Surround sound gaming headphones can enrich a simple gaming experience into something wondrous. Having these wireless surround sound gaming headphones will not only make you enjoy the experience but you will also notice that your performance increases greatly.

The games in today’s world make use of the surround sound technology and if you do not have something compatible, you can not enjoy the full episode. And this also means that you can miss some worthwhile directions of playing the game. So, it affects your performance ratio as well as the extent of enjoyment.

Those who are seriously into gaming are taking special care to get hold of the surround sound gaming headphones. These headphones not only provide a great sound experience to you, but they also fulfill all the demands of the latest game world. These headphones have padded structures around the ear cups that restrict any interference from the outside environment.

Can you guess another obvious advantage of having surround sound gaming headphones? Well, you are no more disturbing your neighbors at all. However, getting hold of a proper surround sound gaming setup is not an easy task when you compare it to buying an ordinary headphone.

gaming headphones

But once you have all the components on their places, this whole setup will be a breather for you. It is not only high performing but will also allow sufficient portability. The surround sound systems have considerably higher prices and for many people they may not fall under the affordability range at all. However, you may look around the market to find a suitable one for yourself.

The whole surround sound setup has various integral components that you require in your journey to the world of games. Thereby, it equips you well for a worthwhile enjoyable journey into your dream world. And when you have all the required components and everything in your home; all you have to do is to get them connected and start the enjoyment.

Surround sound gaming headphones are much like a home theatre set up and provide a full sound rich experience while you enjoy the 3-D game view. Also, they are not very complicated in terms of operation or execution of functions, and you can easily use them. The more you make use of such technology, the better able you will be at operating them. However, as mentioned already, there is no complex procedure involved and you have all the features at your disposal to enjoy and have fun the way you desire.

Though, these surround sound gaming headphones may cost you a little more than the usual, but don’t you feel that it is worth the deal? If you are a gaming geek, you will love to step in the market and get buy a good quality surround sound system. Because when it is about the ultimate game experience, nothing works best except for surround sound gaming headphones.

Our Top Picks for Surround Sound Gaming Headphones:

Top Xbox 360 Gaming Headphones:

The Xbox 360 has created quite a spur in the market place these days, and the game fans are going crazy to lay hands on this. Along with a nice game box, you ultimately require some awesome Xbox 360 gaming headphones, so you can have a full and holistic experience into the 3-D world. There are various varieties of Xbox 360 gaming headphones that may serve this purpose.

But if you desire a pair of headphones that can give you a hilarious and unrestrained experience of the game-world, then wireless or cordless headphones are there for you. Everybody wants to get rid of the mess that wires create. And while you are indulged in the fun activity of games, you do not want anything else distracting you from your A-game.

And many people would just like to walk around without worrying to take off the headphones, because the wires cause chaos. Well, now you can have the ultimate solution in the form of wireless headphones for your Xbox 360. With wireless headphones, you can now enjoy great sounds and there are tons of new features as well.

xbox 360 gaming headphones

In essence these new wireless headphones for Xbox 360 aim to improve the overall experience of gaming for you. This enriched sound experience can make you dwell in the world of wonder and awe. These wireless categories of Xbox 360 gaming headphones are comparatively expensive, but in return they promise a hilarious journey into the game world.

They provide great sound effects, there are separate volume controls for the users, and they allow you to control the voice and game sound accordingly. This headphone has ear cups that blocks out the outside noise and thereby nothing can interfere with the gaming experience. However, one of the disadvantages that you may find in these headphones is they may prove less comfortable for some users. But this issue is again subjective and prone to the individual differences.

These wireless headphones have a transmitter and a power adapter that is for the transmitter as main components. These headphones also have a controller button that enables you to control the bass boost by turning it on or off, as you desire. There are varieties of these headphones that accompany a microphone as well, however, it depends upon your choice, whether you require one with a mic or not.

These wireless headphones have a lot of padding on the ear cup portion and on the overhead piece as well. So, they are very comfortable in this regard. The padding on the ear cups also provides a blockage for any outside noise. They make you deaf towards all of the outside world, and make the game world a 3-D sound reality for you. Another thing that you ought to know is that the transmitter is very tiny in size and light in weight, so it is also not a nuisance.

As far as the performance is concerned, you ought to make sure that the headset you are about to buy is working properly. Check the sound quality or read some online reviews of users to validate your decision appropriately. Taking such steps, you can get hold of a great pair of headphones that will increase the gaming experience to a great extent.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Symic

Our favorite gaming headphones for the Xbox 360:

Our Favorite Gaming Headphones with Mic:

While you are talking about games and play station or music, videos and movies; good quality gaming headphones with mic can greatly enhance the whole experience. However, as it is well understood that finding reliable and nice quality gaming headphones with mic is a hard task. In this article, various tips and suggestions will be shared with regards to buying a quality headphone.

Before you can actually think about a high quality gaming headphone, or finalize it; you ought to have some background knowledge about what are the various available types and features of such headphones. The headphones that are used for this purpose can be broadly categorized into two basic types. The first one are called “closed headphones”.

Closed headphones cover the ears fully and give a thrilling sound effect by retaining ample sound amount inside the ear. They also prevent any environmental or outside noise, and thereby reduce interruption. Such closed models also have strong bass effects. My favorite are the Audio Technica line of headphones.

the audio technica pro700 sv dj monitor headphones

On the other hand, the open type of headphones for gaming is more natural in sound. They do not give any specialized bass effect to the users. These headphones cannot retain all of the sound and thereby sound also escapes to the surroundings or to anyone nearby. However, there are few models in this category that have built in noise cancellation techniques, so they may reduce the whole problem for you.

Now let’s talk about the factors that you must take under consideration while buying new gaming headphones. When you are considering a certain headphone variety, you ought to try them on before actually buying them. Wear them for sometime in order to make sure that you are comfortable with this pair of headphones. If the model that you are picking is loosely fit, it will make your ear hurt or turn reddish in color after an extended period of gaming.

You ought to consider the overall sound quality as well, before buying a headphone for gaming purpose. Also make sure that the mic is functioning appropriately. If you do not have the chance or opportunity to test the headphones on the spot, make sure that you read some online reviews about the particular model of interest.

Gaming headphones with a mic enhance the overall game experience greatly; there are various brands that accompany some hilarious features regarding such headphone varieties. You have to pick the cabling length according to your requirements. If you are among the people who like to move around while having the headphones on, you need a long cable, or you will need to invest a little more in cordless headphones.

Make sure that your cable also has volume controls. There are wireless, usb headphones or cordless headphones as well. They can give you the ultimate game experience. However, such headphones are obviously more expensive then the usual. To sum up this article, it is advisable that you go for a closed gaming headphone with mic, as they are the most appropriate solution for a variety of environments. Make sure that you are picking headphones that fulfil your own gaming requirements and you will definitely have a much more wicked gaming experience.

Here are our top 3 picks for PURE AWESOME gaming headphones:

Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 with 7.1 Surround Sound

Logitech Gaming Headset G330 (Black)

Creative Labs 51MZ0310AA005 HS-800 Fatal1ty Gaming Headset (Black)

ALL TIME Best Gaming Headphones with Mic:

Cordless headphones are definitely flooding the market these days – as the newest and the most innovative audio accessory tool, it is considered to be a revolutionary gadget after corded the ones.

This gadget is defined to be a headphone without wires or cords which relatively means that you don’t have wrestle with those wires on your neck and shoulders anymore.  There’s no reason why consumers would ignore such a great feature – after all, convenience and comfort have always been a significant consideration for must buyers of gadget related tools such as headphones.

The search for the best designs of cordless and wireless headphones is still ongoing – and it is utterly important to note that the innovation that various manufacturers and designers of a wide array of electronic consumers is dependent on the continuing success and progress of engineering advancement and digital technology.  The cordless headphone design is another innovation and improvement from the conventional corded one.  So now consumers have the liberty to sport a wireless headphone – which, undeniably makes a good fashion statement and more comfortable to deal with.

But cordless and wireless headphones are not only presented to be a change in design – they also outperform most gaming headphonescorded headphones and usb headphones in terms of functionality and features.  Many gadget experts pointed out and declared that headphones that are rendered wireless and cordless do not only offer more mobility features, the functionality and the specs of each one are wonderfully made to make a difference.  For instance, most cordless and wireless headphones have more power efficiency than the traditional corded ones – they are powered through charging docks that usually come in the whole package.  Many of these new types of headphones incorporated Bluetooth technology for a faster, speedier transmission of audio and data streaming.  Then again, cordless and wireless headphones have also the capacity to stream to favorite FM and AM radio stations in real time.

The audio power when it comes to wireless headphones is also highly improved.  Noise-canceling headphones ultimately shut down outside environmental music that greatly affects the quality of exclusive music entertainment.  In the same way, most Bluetooth headphones nowadays can stream past thick walls of glass or wood – which is really convenient for some people because there is no more audio interruption to deal with.

A connoisseur of numerous audio related gadgets would definitely prefer cordless headphones.  While corded headphones are not yet phased out or obsolete in various markets today, it’s high time for people to experience a more convenient way of enjoying an exclusive audio entertainment with any type of cordless headphone available.  As a prospect buyer of this gadget, make sure that you go for such functionality and make the audio and sound quality a top priority one.



Our Favorite Surround Sound Systems:

If you want to have the ultimate movie feel inside your home, well I suggest you get a wireless surround sound speaker system. This is what a movie-lover should definitely get a hold of! Since our world just keeps on innovating, these speakers have also been improved and the sound you’ll be able to get from these speakers is really incredible.

Now when we hear the term ‘wireless surround sound‘, it doesn’t actually pertain to a system not having wires for it to function. The whole system actually needs wires to get connected but unlike the models before, these recent models don’t have that many wires and it comes to wireless speakers. Many speakers still require a cord for power, but do not need extra wires to connect it up to the main system.

What are the benefits of having a wireless surround sound system?

Obviously it is its wireless functionality. You can put your speakers anywhere you desire without the hassle of thinking where the wires are going to be placed. You can also configure the system easily to get the best setup for the room you’ll place the speakers in, whether it be for a small room or a massive room. Lastly, since you’ll be running on wireless technology, you won’t be struggling with troubleshooting in the future. No more confusing colored wires and figuring out where to plug in what.

What’s the disadvantage of these wireless systems? wireless surround sound

Well a major downside to it is the electrical power for each speaker. Customarily, powered speakers are linked by wires and the current they get would come from the amplifier. Since speakers these days are wireless, it will need its own power source to each speaker. They will indeed need to be plugged into a wall outlet separately.

If you’re questioning why this would even be called wireless or cordless, it’s again because of the fact that unlike before, these speakers needed to be connected to each other wired before it can function, whereas now, it can function independently. It’s easier to use without running long speaker cables all over the place. But again with ‘the catch’ that it will need a power source.

Wireless surround sound systems are one’s best technology when talking about turning your living rooms, bedrooms or other parts of your house into a movie-like-atmosphere. The pieces for these systems are expensive as the quality of these wireless surround sound speakers is really amazing! There are benefits and downsides, but these are more than your average surround sound systems.

Remember if you are really tight on budget, then you could just get yourself a pair of wireless surround sound headphones. These cordless headphones or gaming headphones provide great sound quality, and a great sound stage for a fraction of the cost. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your budget and this is going to decide whether you can afford to go wireless or not.

Check out our TOP 5 Most Awesome Surround Sound Systems right now: