Cell Phone Headset Advice

Cell Phone Headset Advice


When doing complicated tasks such as driving, it is very difficult to use your cell phone. That’s why you should get a cell phone headset. They are very ideal for being able to make and receive calls without being distracted, or just simply for convenience. In some countries, it is illegal to use your cell phone unless you have a cell phone headset.

So firstly, you can go for the default headset that is either included with your phone, or the official headset of the same brand. These are probably the one eared wired earpieces with a single button and a microphone near the button. They are simple and easy to use, but they lack more sophisticated features and the earpiece can fall out of your ear easily.

Wired, Wireless or Bluetooth Headsets?

If you don’t go for the default one, you can choose from wired, wireless and Bluetooth cell phone headsets. The wired cell phone headset is the simplest form of cell phone headset. The good thing about these ones is that the button is a bit further down than with wireless and Bluetooth ones. Also, the wired cell phone headset is the cheapest and least battery consuming. The bad thing about these ones is that the microphone is too. Also, the dilemma is that it is wired, so it can tangle, disconnect from the phone randomly, get in the way of what you’re doing and overall be a bit annoying.

Getting a bit more complicated now, we’ll look at the wireless cell phone headset. These headsets are ideal because they recognise the phone without needing Bluetooth and do not have the restraints of wired headsets. They fit in your ear a lot better than wired ones and the microphone is near your mouth without having you readjust. With the whole headset resting on your ear, it can be a little heavy while driving. But the wireless ones aren’t as heavy as the Bluetooth ones.

All 2nd generation phones have Bluetooth, so you might want to make use of this with a Bluetooth cell phone headset. The great thing about these is that Bluetooth can be used from about a 10 metre radius, so you don’t need to carry your phone around the office or house. The bad thing about these headsets is that they are the priciest option, consume the most cell phone battery and are the most bulky on your ear. They also generally don’t have a mouthpiece like some wireless ones do, so they are kind of like having a cell phone strapped to your ear.

I would recommend the wired one if you are just going for simple and cheap; the wireless one if you want seamlessness and ease of use; and the Bluetooth one if you move around a lot.

Our Favorite Cell Phone Headsets Right Now: