Choosing the Best Underwater MP3 Player

Choosing the Best Underwater MP3 Player


If you want to go swimming, showering, bathing, or whatever water-based activity, you may still want to listen to some music, even though MP3 players have a tendency to break forever if they go into water. That’s why there is the underwater MP3 player. Unfortunately, these things cost a lot of money; don’t have a lot of features and you only get like 1 or 2 GB of memory. But hey, at least you can listen to music whilst in water.

First, you may just want to get a case for your current MP3 player that will be both waterproof and makes it possible to use the controls. The most popular brands have these cases, e.g. iPods. You’ll also have to invest in some underwater earphones or headphones in that case.

Anyway, you’re more than likely not looking just for a case, so we’ll look at some waterproof MP3 players. The first one, and the most popular one, would be the 4th generation iPod shuffle. Swimman and H2OFriendly make this possible, so don’t just buy the regular one and instantly use it underwater because it won’t work. It costs a small bit of money to water protect your Shuffle but it’s worth it if you already have an iPod shuffle.

The best underwater MP3 player for you is going to be whichever one looks the most appealing to you personally. A lot of the underwater MP3 player designs can be a bit weird and you probably won’t like most of them. Speedo does offer relatively good looking ones though.

Speedo offers two underwater MP3 player models at 1GB and 2GB. The Speedo underwater MP3 player is intensely insulated and is safe to use in 3 metres (10 feet) of water. You can attach the device to your swimwear, goggles, or other things, and the buttons are ergonomically designed for ease. The device is USB 2.0. So, your two Speedo options are the Speedo Aquabeat 1GB or the Speedo Aquabeat LZR 2GB. They will go well with some waterproof earphones. The battery life is roughly 9 hours.

FINIS offers the SwiMP3 FINIS underwater MP3 player. You can get the SwiMP3.1G which has 1GB of storage or you can get smaller capacities (512MB, 256MB, and 128MB). Just like the Speedo players, they have hydrodynamic clips which can clip onto goggles or other things you may have on you.

The advantage of getting an entirely different MP3 player for underwater is that there is no risk of damage of your more expensive MP3 player, such as an iPod. These devices are expensive for their features and capacity, but they are definitely cheaper than iPods, Zunes and Zens. Me, personally? I’d get the Speedo 1GB MP3 player.

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Kim Johnson Bsc
Kim Johnson Bsc

isn't it dangerous to listen to music whilst diving ?