DJ Equipment for Beginners

DJ Equipment for Beginners


Okay, so you’re looking for some DJ equipment for beginners. Just a warning before you read ahead: there’s no real replacement for professional DJ equipment. This is just a good place to start, since it’s a slightly more affordable way to mix and perfect your music. You can buy a set or the individual components.

Turntablescredit: he.neidhardt

The best DJ equipment for beginners is to buy each individual component. Stanton offers most of the equipment I will list. So, let’s get started.  Remember that you have to choose your medium first: midi, CD, or vinyl. Then you can start searching.

  1. You need two DJ turntables. You can go for regular scratching ones or ones with USB for connection to your computer.
  2. You need two DJ slipmats to reduce friction while scratching. You can use felt or any material that won’t slip.
  3. You need two DJ cartridges if the turntables don’t come with them. Fourth, you need a DJ mixer. You can go for the Numark X6, which a lot of people have and recommend. The sound effects and mixer settings are great for beginner DJs.
  4. You need a pair of DJ headphones. You can go for Technics or just some Sennheiser ones. The headphones need to be soft, lightweight, and comfortable and have a closed ear design for noise cancellation.
  5. You can also invest in a speaker system, if you deem it necessary.
  6. A monitor isn’t necessary, but it can help you see and customise your music better.

So, you’re good to go with what you need to get. Now we need to find the right deal for you. Cheap DJ equipment for beginners usually comes in a whole package, rather than the individual components, so check that the package comes with everything you want and need. It will come with all you need, but it may not be all you want. Personalisation is critical when it comes to DJ equipment for beginners. You cannot afford to compromise on personal needs at all, even when it comes to DJ equipment for beginners.

When all is said and done, you still need to look for DJ equipment for beginners for sale because there’s really nothing cheap about being a DJ. Browse around music stores and online stores for the best deal. Obviously don’t buy anything that is suspiciously too cheap, and if you’re buying second-hand, make sure you check everything out before you buy.

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