Don’t Make Yourself Deaf – Lower the Volume

Don’t Make Yourself Deaf – Lower the Volume


One of the best things about having the best earphones for running is it takes away the drag that exercise can sometimes be. Instead of ‘jog to the nearest thing’, it’s ‘jog to the end of this song’, which is often far, far longer and the point at the end much farther away than the nearest object you can see with your eyes.

The music distracts from the running, so your brain is paying attention t something other than how badly your feet hurt. The best DJ headphones take away all the ambient sound in a room, letting you work your DJ magic in peace without hurting your ears. There is one thing to consider, however. Are you playing too loudly?

In an island culture in some part of the world, they have two words for throwing up. Unlike our words, which are all euphemisms for each other, their two words separate and convey slightly different meanings. To them, ‘vomit’ is when you throw up because you’re hurt or sick, or have been poisoned.

The word ‘plebbit’ refers to throwing up because you are too land bound to be able to tolerate the rocking of the waves and you’ve become motion sick. After the introduction of alcohol to the island, it also began to mean throwing up from drinking too much. Vomit is something that isn’t your fault, plebbit is from something that is.

In many ways, we need to have something like that for our hard of hearing versus our deaf. There is the Deaf Culture, for people who are born not able to hear, or who lose it at a very early age and are culturally deaf.

Then there is hard-of-hearing. With the thousands of kids listening to their ipods too loudly all the time, we’re going to end up with a wave of people who are hard of hearing in their forties.

Contrary to what was originally thought, people don’t go deaf simply because their ears get old. They go deaf because their ears wear out from too much noise, and the current generation is putting far, far too much noise into their ears.