Micro USB Headphones – Top 5

Micro USB Headphones – Top 5


Top 5 Micro USB Headphones

With so many devices that use different plugs, it is sometimes hard to find the right device with the right usb fitting. Finding the best micro usb headphone set is hard work. We have compiled the top five micro usb headphones to help you choose the best ones for your situation. Here goes..

No. 1

The ultimate set of earphones for Samsung phones. These earphones have great sound and come with a micro usb adapter to boot. Don’t hesitate, give them a look now. 5/5
No. 2

The best set of usb headphones for your Motorola phone. Great sound quality and style. This set also allows for hands-free calls. 4.5/5
No. 3

Great solution for the casual user. Comes with a whole lot of features and has the all important micro usb output to be used in a variety of phones. Check them out to see what they are all about. 4.5/5
No. 4

This hands free set is a great option for the power user. Gives you the freedom to speak while on the move and provides great clear sound. 4/5
N0. 5

The Mybat dual-buds headset is also a great option. Not too expensive and has good sound. These are a great set of ear phones for someone looking for something reliable. 4/5
If the above headsets just aren’t your thing, you can also get converters to convert your regular headphones or earphones to fit into a micro usb slot. Check them out here:

OEM Samsung 3.5mm Headset Adapter for Samsung micro USB (for Samsung Strive A687, Flight A797, Rugby II A847, Smiley 🙂 T359, Gravity 3 T479, Gravity T T669)

OEM Samsung 3.5mm Headset Adapter lets you connect standard 3.5mm headphones or external speakers to cell phones and PDA phones that use a micro USB headset jack. You can listen to music / audio with your favorite 3.5mm headphones or through your speakers. Samsung part no. ET-AUF3SBEBXAR.


Micro USB To Mini USB 2.0 M/f Adapter

Startech USB 2.0 Adapter UUSBMUSBMF Cable Adapters

BlackBerry USB Cable Micro USB 1.0m (Black)

Features: Charging Ability: Yes Charging Port: Connection: Micro USB Model #: ASY-18683-001 Compatible Brands: BlackBerry Compatible with: BLACKBERRY: 8220 Kickstart, 9500 Thunder, 8220 Pearl Flip, 9530 Storm, 8900 Condition: New

Amzer Handy Converter Mini USB Connector to Micro USB

This Amzer Handy Converter allows you to use your Mini USB chargers and data cables on Micro USB ports. Easily and conveniently charge and sync all of your Micro USB devices with all of your Mini USB cables and the lanyard port makes it even easier to transport!

BlackBerry USB DataSync and Charging Cable with Micro USB for BlackBerry 8900, 9500, and 8220

Blackberry USB DataSync and Charging Cable with Micro USB