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Don’t disappoint yourself when you go out and buy some wireless stereo headphones. Make sure that you buy exactly what you need. Let me show you.

The first area you want to look at is the basic general features. You have to ask several questions:

What is the range?

Do you want a microphone on the headphones to make it a headset?

Do you want to upgrade to surround sound?

Do you want volume controls on the headphones?

How long do you want the battery to last?

How much are you willing to spend?

Do you want simplicity or complexity?

How high performance would you like the wireless stereo headphones?

There’s another approach to looking for the best wireless stereo headphones. If you’re looking for superior sound quality, rather than just regularly high quality sound, you should look at buying some Acoustic Research wireless stereo headphones. Acoustic Research offers high quality headphones that can transmit through walls and floors. An example is the Acoustic Research AW771 900 MHz Wireless Stereo Headphones. The ear cups are suitably padded for user comfort and they can swivel to your needs. The headband is also adjustable. The RF range is much further than regular headphones, at around 300 feet (90 metres). The sound is high quality and has strong bass.

With Acoustic Research wireless headphones, you can be sure that range and quality is always high. There is an additional feature that comes with some of the headphones called auto tuning. Acoustic Research wireless stereo headphones with auto tuning, fine tunes the reception for the best possible sound. The charging cradle charges the headphones by induction (magnetic proximity), so you can be sure that the headphones are always ready to use. Even though the range is very large, the technology behind the headphones ensures clear reception.

However, if you’re looking for slightly more simple headphones, I can recommend brands such as Sony. Sony MDR-RF970RK 900 MHz Wireless Headphones, for example, has a range of 150 feet (45 metres) and has similar features to the Acoustic Research ones, except slightly less potent. The comfort and adjustability is a bit lower and the sound quality is great, but not excellent. It has its own volume control on the headphones and has a good battery life.

Then there are expensive Sony wireless stereo headphones such as the Sony MDR-DS6000 Wireless Headphones. These will give you all the Acoustic Research features, but with surround sound and even better sound quality, but watch out for the price!

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Logitech wireless headphones are great for listening to audio without needing to worry about cords or anything like that. Logitech is also a very reputable brand in the area of audio, and there is no exception when it comes to wireless headphones. I’ll give you a run down on the sort of features you would be looking for when shopping for Logitech wireless headphones.

Let’s give an example first. The Logitech FreePulse Bluetooth wireless headphones are very light and flexible. In terms of sound quality, it is decent and bass-driven. It doesn’t have playback controls on the headphones and there can be some Bluetooth connection problems. They are good Logitech wireless headphones for PC, but even better as MP3 player headphones.

Looking at the general picture, we can knuckle down some key features that you will want in your Logitech wireless Bluetooth headphones. The categories are performance, features, and accessories. The other feature you may be interested in is warranty.

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In terms of performance, there is frequency response and impedance. This won’t mean much to you, but the higher the frequency response, the lower the performance. In terms of features, you want to look at lightweight, effective range, stereo capability, surround sound technology, and how the headphones fit on your head. They can fit either over your head or at the back of your head.

In terms of accessories, you can look at a carrying case, the type of battery pack, the battery life, and how it recharges. Don’t forget to get an appropriate warranty. The more expensive it is, the longer the warranty should be.

We can also get into more advanced features for your Logitech wireless headphones. Features include noise-cancellation, noise-isolation, communication, RF vs. Bluetooth, style of speakers, adjustable headband, extra earpads, buttons on the speakers, folding design, LED light, and any other features you can find.

After looking through all the features, keep in mind which features are cheaper to have and which are expensive. A few features that will increase the price include Bluetooth technology and surround sound. Think about whether you really need some of the features and choose from what you need and add on some features that you may want.

There’s a huge range of Logitech wireless headphones, so don’t worry about not being able to find the right pair for you. I guarantee you that you’ll be able to find one that is both suitable for you and is the right price.



When doing complicated tasks such as driving, it is very difficult to use your cell phone. That’s why you should get a cell phone headset. They are very ideal for being able to make and receive calls without being distracted, or just simply for convenience. In some countries, it is illegal to use your cell phone unless you have a cell phone headset.

So firstly, you can go for the default headset that is either included with your phone, or the official headset of the same brand. These are probably the one eared wired earpieces with a single button and a microphone near the button. They are simple and easy to use, but they lack more sophisticated features and the earpiece can fall out of your ear easily.

Wired, Wireless or Bluetooth Headsets?

If you don’t go for the default one, you can choose from wired, wireless and Bluetooth cell phone headsets. The wired cell phone headset is the simplest form of cell phone headset. The good thing about these ones is that the button is a bit further down than with wireless and Bluetooth ones. Also, the wired cell phone headset is the cheapest and least battery consuming. The bad thing about these ones is that the microphone is too. Also, the dilemma is that it is wired, so it can tangle, disconnect from the phone randomly, get in the way of what you’re doing and overall be a bit annoying.

Getting a bit more complicated now, we’ll look at the wireless cell phone headset. These headsets are ideal because they recognise the phone without needing Bluetooth and do not have the restraints of wired headsets. They fit in your ear a lot better than wired ones and the microphone is near your mouth without having you readjust. With the whole headset resting on your ear, it can be a little heavy while driving. But the wireless ones aren’t as heavy as the Bluetooth ones.

All 2nd generation phones have Bluetooth, so you might want to make use of this with a Bluetooth cell phone headset. The great thing about these is that Bluetooth can be used from about a 10 metre radius, so you don’t need to carry your phone around the office or house. The bad thing about these headsets is that they are the priciest option, consume the most cell phone battery and are the most bulky on your ear. They also generally don’t have a mouthpiece like some wireless ones do, so they are kind of like having a cell phone strapped to your ear.

I would recommend the wired one if you are just going for simple and cheap; the wireless one if you want seamlessness and ease of use; and the Bluetooth one if you move around a lot.

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Okay, so you’re looking for some DJ equipment for beginners. Just a warning before you read ahead: there’s no real replacement for professional DJ equipment. This is just a good place to start, since it’s a slightly more affordable way to mix and perfect your music. You can buy a set or the individual components.

Turntablescredit: he.neidhardt

The best DJ equipment for beginners is to buy each individual component. Stanton offers most of the equipment I will list. So, let’s get started.  Remember that you have to choose your medium first: midi, CD, or vinyl. Then you can start searching.

  1. You need two DJ turntables. You can go for regular scratching ones or ones with USB for connection to your computer.
  2. You need two DJ slipmats to reduce friction while scratching. You can use felt or any material that won’t slip.
  3. You need two DJ cartridges if the turntables don’t come with them. Fourth, you need a DJ mixer. You can go for the Numark X6, which a lot of people have and recommend. The sound effects and mixer settings are great for beginner DJs.
  4. You need a pair of DJ headphones. You can go for Technics or just some Sennheiser ones. The headphones need to be soft, lightweight, and comfortable and have a closed ear design for noise cancellation.
  5. You can also invest in a speaker system, if you deem it necessary.
  6. A monitor isn’t necessary, but it can help you see and customise your music better.

So, you’re good to go with what you need to get. Now we need to find the right deal for you. Cheap DJ equipment for beginners usually comes in a whole package, rather than the individual components, so check that the package comes with everything you want and need. It will come with all you need, but it may not be all you want. Personalisation is critical when it comes to DJ equipment for beginners. You cannot afford to compromise on personal needs at all, even when it comes to DJ equipment for beginners.

When all is said and done, you still need to look for DJ equipment for beginners for sale because there’s really nothing cheap about being a DJ. Browse around music stores and online stores for the best deal. Obviously don’t buy anything that is suspiciously too cheap, and if you’re buying second-hand, make sure you check everything out before you buy.

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Logitech does some very high quality gaming headsets. Such headsets include the Logitech wireless gaming headset G930. Since you’re looking this particular headset up, I will give you a run down on what this high-end headset has to offer, and you can decide for yourself if it’s the headset you want to buy. After all, it’s a pretty expensive option.

The Logitech G930 wireless gaming headset has a large amount of features, the primary one being its 7.1 channel surround sound technology. The technology is powered by Dolby second generation and it may seem impossible, but the seven channels work with one centre channel, six other channels and bass-driven low frequency effects, similar to a sub-woofer. The Logitech wireless gaming headset G930 also has a switch where you can turn off the surround sound effects whenever you want.

The Logitech wireless gaming headset G930 with 7.1 surround sound also offers 2.4GHz wireless connectivity so that your connection doesn’t experience lag and can stand up to 12 metres (or 40 feet). There are three G-keys on the side of one of the speakers, for commands, music, voice control and chatting. The ear pads are plush so that it is comfortable and one size can fit a great deal of people. The plush also causes noise cancellation from the surrounding environment.

The Logitech wireless gaming headset G930 also comes with an adjustable, memory foam-lined headband. It doesn’t cause tiredness when wearing it and it is comfortable to wear. Not only that, but you can also fit it, regardless of the shape of your head.

Some other useful features include a microphone mute light which goes red when the microphone is muted. Another feature is the on-ear audio controls for volume and mute. The headset charges by USB, which is easy and it also means that you can charge while playing. The batteries last about 10 hours, which is solid for long periods of gaming. You can also adjust your audio settings and morph your voice while speaking into your headset. The headset also supports plug-and-play.

Generally, dual speaker headsets can be a pain, but the Logitech wireless gaming headset G930 does a very good job in being painless and easy to use. One thing I especially like about the headset is how the microphone swivels and is actually long enough, unlike a lot of headsets with a poorly placed microphone. But, of course, if the large amount of features is unnecessary to you, you might want to consider buying something a bit cheaper. So, keep looking, even if this particular headset appeals to you.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Getting new headphones are never easy. There’s just so much in the market these days that it makes choosing one almost impossible (it possible although the choices are endless!). This article will deal with how to get the best lg headphone! Since there are so many brands let’s stick with one of the greatest which is LG (Life’s Good)!

To start up, since there really are a lot of headphones, even vast choices within a single brand, it makes it tough for someone to choose what they like. So here’s the thing, choose a type that you like best. There are small headphones that are called in-ear headphones. Small headphones don’t always have the best quality but these are very portable. Another kind of earphones is the ones that have an elastic frame that connects the headphones. The good thing about both these styles is the fact that they’re inexpensive and these are the best ones when you’re budgeted.

Now if you have more than enough and are willing to get something pricier, then medium-end headphones should be considered. These are bigger than in-ear headphones. These are the ones that would have soft cushions for the earphones unlike the standard type. The good thing about this type of headphone is the fact that it has noise cancelling that would eliminate unwanted background music.

Another important thing a buyer needs to consider is the compatibility of the headphones to the device they will use it for. There are different kinds of models so stick to one that’s mostly compatible to any other device because you never know where you’ll use it for besides your MP3 or cell phone.

The big question is where you can by these lg stereo headphones? Check out our Top Picks Below:


Travel speakers are portable and compact speakers that you can bring anywhere you want. They are so portable that there are even models that can fit your pocket. Of course knowing its size, these are not your high-quality type of speakers. If you want the best then don’t get a portable one because these are only made for light-traveling.

You probably should stick with Boss speakers if you really want crisp and high-quality wireless surround sound (which is not made for travelling by the way). The good thing about portable speakers though is the fact that it gives better music than your headphones or even the speakers from your computer. This article will help you choose the best travel speakers there are in the market.

Portable travel speakers are made in different shapes and sizes. Some are made ultra-tiny and some are medium sized, some are not too big to carry but not that small to fit your tiny bag. There are also mp3 travel speakers that are battery operated and others use traditional wires for more power. Therefore, if you are going to buy one in the future, make sure that it will fit the bag you’ll place it in along with the other items you’ll include there and also think about whether the places you’ll be going to would have outlets or not. Of course if the place doesn’t have outlets like for example a beach, then opt for battery operated speakers. Although, there are recent models that can function both ways, so if you’re unsure, better stick with that.

Another important thing to consider would be how the player will be hooked up to your desired device. For example, if the player has a USB adapter then it might only fit a computer since pc’s have USB sockets. Chances are, it might not fit most MP3 players because they would usually have a headphone or charger dock where you can hook the speakers. Make sure you go for a portable universal speaker. These types would fit a USB, a headphone or even a charging dock.

Lastly, you should contemplate on the device’s sound quality. If you can, try using or hearing the quality of music the product produces before you but it. Better yet, try reading reviews online. If you aim for great sound quality, try getting something bigger because with speakers, size would always matter!

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Audio visual jobs are a fraction of entertainment industries and also unlikely part of any corporate sector. This type of job would have one main goal and that is to give high-quality audio and visual recording for their customers. This division demonstrates an amazing development and has been constantly changing through time. With the ongoing technology innovation, audio visual jobs exhibits growth and continue its development.

To give you an overview, there are four kinds of audio and visual jobs:

1. Audio/video recording
2. Audio/video editing
3. Producing
4. Managing

To be able to get this type of profession you must have been a college graduate with a course that is somehow related to this type of work. You should also have enough skills with recording, editing audio files. Now every company would have different type of skill need. For example, if the company is more into media, they will get people who they will be able to train easily with regard to programs for video editing, broadcasting, etc. After that, once they passed, the applicant will then get the position.

On the other hand, for companies that would focus more on recording, the employee would be responsible for the recording equipment (whether or not it’s in good condition).

You will also be in charge of checking the quality of the recording and give your suggestions on how to make it much better. A simple example would be suggesting that it’s best to record acoustics in a church hall, something like that. Remember, this job would entail that you’re the expert. Most people you’d work with will always take advice from you.

When talking about audio visual technician jobs, one should have great hearing abilities, great music taste and of course great computer skills. You should your employer’s qualifications when it’s about the product’s quality, length and technology policy.

Producing is also a part of an AV job. This is the process where you estimate all the aspects of the AV to make a pleasing outcome for the audience. Moreover, being a producer is more on managing the product. You will have your own staff to help you out about what type of finished product you’d like to attain. You will be in-charge of this people and it is your duty to supervise them.

These are just some of what AV jobs are all about. If you have these basic qualifications, I suggest that you push your luck in this industry. You never know, this industry makes good money and you may just succeed easily!


Audio Engineering is a potential profession that offers opportunities in advertising, video production, film and sound broadcasting. If you have an audio engineering job, you can work in the movie industry, the video game industry, the music industry and many more.

When you’re an audio engineer, you’ll be using equipment and machinery to mix, record, synchronize or reproduce music, sound effects and voices. They use a lot of high-tech microphones that can even record the smallest amount of sound.

It may not be the type of engineering that builds, constructs and makes buildings, roads, etc. Although both fields are very well paid and people in the audio engineering industry are very successful. As of the year 2006, 16,000 audio engineers were employed in the U.S alone.

This article will teach you 5 tips that’ll get you the best audio engineering jobs.

1. Don’t act as if you’re a veteran. Be real!

If you’re a newbie to this industry, regardless of studying courses made for this job, if you don’t have that much experience be real and don’t be a know-it-all. If you are smart enough, you’ll know how to approach people in this business without pretending to be a veteran.

2. Be updated with all new technological developments

Don’t wait for people to tell you to attend conventions, have the initiative! New technology is evolving fast and you have to know what tools you need for your job. Knowing facts would impress people in the industry.

3. Don’t just aim for big recording studios, be flexible

If you’re just seeking to shift from one industry to another, don’t expect to get a job at a big recording studio company. No one really takes a newbie because in some way, they might be considered as a liability.

It’s better if you start off with a small company and learn everything you can there. What’s great about that is the experience you’ve gained that you can add to your qualifications when getting a new audio engineer job!

4. If you’re a beginner, don’t think about dollar signs

Since you’re just new, don’t expect that you’ll earn big once you get hired whether in a big or a small company. Keep in mind that it’s not only you that’s fighting for an open position, there are thousands of you.

At first, accept it and I’m sure in time, once you’ve outstand yourself to your bosses, they’ll be granting you with the salary you’ve always wanted.

5. It’s all about the right attitude

This is a standard tip not only for this job, but also with any job you might have in the future. Knowing how to deal with people is very important if you want other people to respect you in this industry.

Always remember that even if you’re the best one for the job, if you have a foul attitude, any company won’t hesitate to let you go.


It is said that headphones are one of the best and most valuable tools that will allow you to take pleasure in listening to every single detail of a song. This gadget will let you feel comfortable as you go along and listen to music while being able to concentrate. This article will explain what a studio headphone does and how it helps with recording and listening quality music.

The best studio headphones are very essential in the recording studio and the necessity of this gadget should never be underestimated. If you ask why, then it really isn’t something hard to think about. Let me give you an example. A music artist would need to hear himself by having an advanced quality to produce the right pitch, voice with the right note. To normal people, this might seem like a piece of cake thus not needing quality headphones to test their vocals. For those individuals, ask yourself, maybe that’s the reason why you are still not an artist or a musician. Recording artists require the best studio headphones to be able to record excellent music or even movies.

If you have a recording studio at home, it is advisable that you use these type of headphones because it will allow you to hear the sound of your tune and voice without needing results from microphone or speaker pick ups. That’s how essential these items are to a producer. Not using the right kind of headphones will stand against the quality of your product.

Using high quality headphones by itself is not sufficient by the way. One needs to make an audio dome to record a song. It’s a sound isolation chamber where recording artist and musicians won’t be able to hear any noise at all. Genuine headphones also come with foam to reduce any sound vibration. This foam helps with absorbing the sound which results to clear acoustics. These are great help to recording artists!

Getting one for you is easy since there are multiple brands that are available in the market. There are great brands there such as Audio Technica, Sennheiser and the one I recommend would be the akg k701 studio headphones. These are all known brands and have very high quality. Because of the necessity and importance of this gadget, even a well-known rapper and producer named, “Dr. Dre”, has made his own line of studio headphones. A great artist should use this to be able to produce high-quality music. Never compromise the greatness of these headphones because it’s the only way you’ll get to experience quality music!

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