Sennheiser VMX 200 Review – Sennheiser’s Answer to Bluetooth Calling

Sennheiser VMX 200 Review – Sennheiser’s Answer to Bluetooth Calling



Sennheiser vmx 200 review

Sennheiser’s VMX 200 is one slick little bluetooth headset. Upon opening the box for this, it is clear that Sennheiser put a lot of effort into the design of this bluetooth headset.

The design is one of silver and black with a single button to turn on and off. Coming in at at $150 MSRP ($179 on right now, and $149 at for  the Canadians). So let’s get down to business with a full review of this bluetooth headset.


Sennheiser vmx 200 packaging

No doubt the design of Sennheiser’s VMX 200 is slick and compact. With a single button to operate, volume controls on the side and a mini usb slot at the back for charging. The VMX 200 comes with 4 different ear pieces for different sizes of ears (1 is designed for a different fit). I found the controls to be nice and tactile and easy to press.

I like the slick steel casing with the brushed finish. This is paired with black plastic and of course, a black earpiece. The design is very contemporary, good looking and most importantly, very comfortable.

Weight wise (10g), this bluetooth headset is extremely light. I noticed after only 5 minutes of talking I had forgotten I was wearing the ear piece.

The ear pieces have a small loop on the outer edge to make sure the piece fits snug in your ear. I walked around with this on and the ear piece didn’t fall off at all. There is a looped ear piece goes that goes around and over the top of your ear if you are concerned with it falling off during use which is very handy.

There is a blue led that flashes intermittently so you know the device is on.

Sound Quality

I was excited to test the sound on this headset. With two built-in microphones that are supposedly able to determine the direction in which sound comes, the software then cancels out unrelated noise and sends only voice back over the phone.

I tested this on three phones. One was an older HTC Imagio running Windows Mobile 6.5. The other a Samsung Galaxy S2.

The HTC Imagio worked well. The sound coming in was crystal clear for calls and the recipient could hear me clearly both indoors and outdoors. There was slight distortion when I walked out of range and into another room (10 meters away) but that’s not an issue day to day, I just wanted to test.

On my S2 running ICS 4.0.3, the device paired quickly and worked great. I did a few test calls indoors and outdoors. Call quality was clear with no distortion (the phone being in my pocket). The button is responsive for picking up and ending calls.

I have read that other people had problems with distortion, but the device worked perfectly for me. I did notice some fading out when there are two walls in the way, but being in the next room was still clear.

Talk time

The VMX 200 churned on and on. I didn’t count down to the minute, but the device lasted around 6 hours of talking, which is similar to the recommended time. This was separated across 3 days.

I also noticed the device lasted a long time when just on standby. Sennheiser quotes 10 days, which is about on par with what I was getting.


All in all I will be sticking with this headset as my go to. The big downside is it’s price. Is it worth paying a bit extra for the premium look? Well it depends. You can certainly get bluetooth headsets that are cheaper for sure.

If you are looking for something that is really compact and has the style and sound quality to back it up, then I say go ahead and pull the trigger as Sennheiser has done a very slick job with this bluetooth headset.

demi ter haar
demi ter haar

thanks for this, I searching for a new Bluetooth headset, after reading this the Sennheiser VMX 200 is very interesting. What do you recommend me?

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