TV Headphones: What to Know Before You Buy

TV Headphones: What to Know Before You Buy


When looking for the right headphones for your giant, 50-inch 3DTV, you needn’t look much further than regular headphones. After all, headphones are headphones. Finding the right headphones can be a bit of a tangle, but fortunately, there is a good selection available for consideration.

TVs have become necessary in our age, and so has the sound quality of the TV. Picking the right 7.1 channel surround system for the whole family is one thing, but browsing for headphones for individual use is very different. Choosing the right brand has changed, because you’re no longer necessarily going to get Logitech or Sony as the top choices. It all comes down to who makes the best and who makes the best for value.

A Picture Share!The best headphones for TV are going to be ones that are wireless, because there is nothing worse than having to deal with cords, or having to sit quite close in order to watch TV. However, if you can’t find the right wireless ones, or they’re too expensive for you, buying a headphone extension cord will solve the problem.

Sennheiser and Creative are both reputable in making high quality cordless headphones for TV. Their headphones are a good choice because of their noise cancellation, bass and sound quality. TV wireless headphones also have the ability to have sound come out of both the TV and the headphones if you want such an experience. Simply plug the headphones (or the wireless receiver) into the “Audio Line-Out” port and they will automatically work. There is no need for further setup.

The Sennheiser RS headphones are good value wireless TV headphones, which provide good quality sound and isolation. Many Creative headphones will also be good value for high quality audio. Sony also offers some surround sound-like headphones which are also good value, but less high-range. After choosing the brand, there isn’t much left to it, because it all ties down to what features you want and don’t want.

Wireless headphones for TV are essential when you’re independently playing that game or watching that 3D movie. Adding to the immersive experience is critical in getting the full value from the TV that you’ve bought. When buying a new TV, most of the time, people have to buy the big HDTVs (some with 3D capability) and it is actually worse to hear sound coming from the main TV speakers. That’s why you should probably invest in either a sound system or a set of TV headphones if you want the best theatre quality sounds from your TV.

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