Make the Most of Your USB Headphones

Make the Most of Your USB Headphones


Best USB Headphones:

USB headphones are mini-loudspeakers for wearing on the head, close to the user’s ears as a means of receiving audio. They come in many flavors and are commonly used for music and headsets. They are compatible with all operating systems and modern gaming systems, due to their “plug and play” nature. The variation of ports that USB has adapted has increased demand for different kinds of USB headphones for filming, gaming or even driving.

Headphones are a commodity these days, and are essential in listening to music and any other audio. They are quickly being taken for granted due to the rise of earphones, but they are still valued for being high quality loudspeakers for the ears. USB is a technology that has quickly transformed many large port technologies such as that of printers and headphones. Although 3.5 mm audio ports are now pretty much compulsory in modern day PCs, other devices such as the PlayStation 3 or even iMacs, do not support 3.5 mm headphones.

Auriculares Panasonic RP-HTX7 photo credit: Juan Lupión

Wireless USB headphones are commonly used for headsets (also known as USB headphones with microphone). In electronic gaming, this is useful for communication between party members and in-game voice commands. In computing, USB wireless headphones with a microphone are commonly used for hands-free computing, which is useful for multi-tasking and ease of access.

Although 3.5 mm headphones are reasonably non-universal compared to USB headphones, micro USB headphones are even less so. They are not as their name implies (they are not miniature headphones). They are quite simply ordinary headphones with a micro-USB port to connect to certain MP3 players and electronic devices with the slowly popularising micro USB headphone technology. An even less common port is mini USB. Mini USB headphones and micro USB headphones are very uncommon, but ports for mini USB can be found on digital camcorders for the purposes of filming and revising footage.

If headphones were to not have the standard type-A USB connector (the kind that is on the sides of laptops, the backs of iMacs and the fronts of desktop PCs), there is always the USB headphone adapter. The adapters can also be standard, because they are generally for 3.5 mm headphones. However, there are some adapters for 2.5 mm headphones, for example. The adapters work just like any other adapters do, with a female port end connected to the converted male port end. The device that the adapter is connected to, will instantly recognise the device as USB (with very few exceptions).

USB headphones have consequently been used for both simple and complex everyday tasks and have different variations based on the user’s needs and the capability of the hardware available to them. If, of course, the user does not wish to buy an entirely different set of headphones, the user can always buy an adapter corresponding to the device that they want to connect the headphones to. Adapters for micro usb headphones and even 3.5mm headphones are available to make it so you can use any pair of headphones for your specific device. This makes USB headphones user friendly and adaptable to the user’s situation.

Top Rated USB Headphones:

1. Logitech USB Headset H530 with Premium Laser-Tuned Audio (981-000195)

2. Plantronics .Audio 655 USB Multimedia Headset

3. Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB Headset (Black)

4. Numark PHX USB USB + Analog Dj Headphones

5. Cyber AcousticsStereo Headset/Microphone, Ambidextrous design AC-201

Best Selling USB Headphones: