Xbox wireless headset

Xbox wireless headset

When buying a wireless headset for your Xbox 360, you can consider several RF headsets. An Xbox wireless headset is pretty easy to find a purchase for. There are several official and unofficial headsets that you can buy. It has to suit your personal gaming needs, but also maybe be usable on your computer as a gaming, or just a regular chatting headset.

First up are the official headsets. The Xbox 360 wireless headset and the official wired headset are solid, decent and just above mid-range when it comes to features, quality and price. There is the black Xbox 360 wireless headset, which may be more appropriate for people with Elite black consoles, or just people who love technology in black (I know I do).

Buying a new Xbox 360 wireless headset is a good idea, because it means that wear and tear and hygiene won’t be an issue. But, if you’re looking for something unofficial, there are a lot of options you can go for. Starting with brands, you can choose from Sony, Skullcandy, Sennheiser, Turtle Beach, Logitech, Creative, LG or any other reputable brand you can think of. With an Xbox wireless headset, you generally don’t need to look at specific features. But, you can do that.

So, looking at specific features, you can think about performance, features, and accessories. I wouldn’t worry too much about accessories. Performance just means that the higher frequency you buy, the lower the performance. So, when you look at features, think about what kind of weight you want, how far range you need, whether you want a stereo headset, whether you want surround sound in the stereo headset, and what kind of design you want.

The design is very important because it makes the Xbox wireless headset more about you. You may just want a unique colour, or you may want to think about whether you want stereo or mono for gaming headphones. If you go for stereo, you have to choose whether the headband goes above your head, is adjustable, goes behind your head, or there is no headband.

There are also some extra features you may want to consider in an Xbox wireless headset. Firstly, you have to choose between standard RF and wireless USB. Then there are features such as the style of the speakers, extra earpads, noise-cancellation and isolation, a control pad on the speakers, a folding design, LED indicator and anything else that may interest you. Just make sure that you can afford it, and the price is reasonable.

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